Wahoo Wednesdays | Share your feedback with the SYSTM team | December 1st 2021

Howdy folks :wave:

Welcome to Wahoo Wednesday, our weekly feedback thread. Reply with a comment below to discuss Wahoo SYSTM. The more voices, the better our decision-making and prioritisation can be, so bonus points to those who send feedback & tag a friend in the forums to do the same.

  • How have we been doing so far?
  • How can we make it better?
  • What you want more/less of?
  • Anything else on your mind

I can’t say we’ll deliver everything you’re asking for within the timelines you hope for, but everything that’s valuable-viable-feasible-useable will be considered.

If you have a customer support issue, please don’t post here. Make sure to start a ticket with the Minions here .

The Rules :

  • Post your constructive feedback and/or criticism and/or discuss the comments posted by others in the thread
  • Be respectful at all times

Thanks! :volcano:

Link to last week’s thread

Would it be possible for cadence builds/drills to show the interval graph in terms of cadence targets instead of power targets? We can see the graph after the fact in the summary but since the focus for the workout has little to do with the power targets and being able to see the cadence targets and how close we have and are hitting the targets instead of for power would be awesome


@Jake I think that’s already available :astonished:

When you’re in a workout, click the gear (top right), click Display, and then change the “Workout Graph Displays” setting from “Power with Target” to “Cadence”.

Caveat: I’ve seen the setting and it appears to show just what you’re asking for, but I’ve never used it in a live workout. Please let us know if it does what you want.


That is exactly what I was talking about. You are a gentleman and a scholar, thank you!


I know this has been discussed in other threads, but I’d like to see some workouts made more difficult again. I did Attacker today, one I remember being properly hard last time. This time, it was a breeze. All the motivational talk was pointless, I wasn’t under any stress. From Strava, it is clear why. Last time training load was 71, Intensity was 90. This time it was 59 and 82. I can’t believe this is giving me close to the benefit that I saw previously. I feel I will make no gains over winter this year.

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When was the last time you did FF? I don’t believe Attacker was made any easier.

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Well, I tried to do FF 4 weeks ago, but all my BT dropped in the 20 min section. I did HM a few days later, and as this tends to over-estimate both FTP and MAP (being a Persuiter), my numbers really shouldn’t be a problem given that it is a FTP and MAP session. I’ve found some sessions (Team Scream as an example) really tough since that HM. But other sessions are way too easy.

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Id love to see the workout profile a bit larger. Perhaps have a “Workout Profile Size” selector like you do for Font Size. On my gigantic old Ipad, FTP is about 1/8th inch tall on some workouts.

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I see no change in Attacker either tbh.
If you’re looking at the training load in Strava make sure that your FTP at the the time of the workout is set correctly since it’s a measure relative to a prevailing setting.


As a newbie, I’d say this app is great. It provides guidance on training plans based on personal goals using our 4DP results. How about adding a workday feature into the calendar/schedule. I’m guessing most of us work during the week so adjusting our workouts vs. our work hours would be nice.

Also noticed, in my case at least, that my HRM keeps dropping and there isn’t a way to reactivate it. Hurrumph.

A choice of increasing intensity to already scheduled workouts. Something like adding a code to up the power requirement algorithm, i.e.

And not that I’ve done any yet, but more of the “On Location” vids would be awesome. I’m very much scenery cyclist, always looking around at the views. :slight_smile:


The intensity of workouts can all be increased or decreased at will. There’s a Changing Workout Intensity vid in the Getting Started channel of the App Library.

Or, you could also access them here:

Edit: for sensor connection issues like your HRM you might wanna search the forums for similar issues or consider submitting a ticket to the minions for support


Well. :smiley:


I always change my FTP on Strava after FF/HM. And I only highlighted those numbers because the workout felt too easy. If I don’t feel like I am suffering, I don’t see how I am getting benefit.

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It definitely has been ‘tweaked’. At one point the screen prompt says to increase effort, but there is no change to the power target.

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Huh, I don’t know what to say then. I’ve compared every power change in SUF and System and they are identical for my current 4DP profile. Perhaps the way the workout is using the relative 4DP metrics is giving a change in yours and not mine.
I hadn’t seen the erroneous increase effort prompt but will look out for it (if I’m not staring at my stem).

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New feature request 1 - Filter incomplete workouts:
When going through the library of workouts, I would like to be able to see which workouts I have not completed yet, e.g. to see what other sufferfest sessions I have to explore :slight_smile: . Applies to both Android and Windows app.

New feature request 2 - Allow to record HR for Strength or Yoga (nice to have):
I do record HR when exercising but this is not possible in SYSTM app for Strength and Yoga apps. It would be nice if I could pair HR sensor just like for indoor cycling sessions and then it would sync to Strava and others.


I’m really enjoying Systm so “Chapeau” and all that!

My only comment is that I’m doing a road plan with strength and yoga and I selected the low volume option. Even so, I really don’t get any days off even on rest weeks. The issue is I like to do other things as well as Systm and, not being a spring chicken anymore, I worry that I’ll end up doing too much and get injured which has been the case before. I’d quite like to start doing a bit of Zwift racing for instance and I also really like to run a couple of times a week (I have a separate running plan for that from another provider) and I’d actually like to do some of the Systm Pro/Location rides but they’ve not come up on my plan yet so I don’t feel like I have time to do them within the confines of my plan so… I suppose what I’m saying is I’d like the structure of a plan but I’d like one with a bit of flexibility built in or, one that will adapt to other activities so I can monitor my overall training load or just one where low volume is…well, lower.

Anyway, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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It’s at 7min 16 secs. Although looking at my last Attacker power profile that didn’t have an increase either. I’ve added it to the nit-picks and typos thread.

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So do we all. Just do them! Move or skip the SYSTM workouts as needed. I’d try to avoid more than two days of very intense work in row (most of the time) and remember to give yourself rest weeks with few or no intense days every 3rd or 4th week.

SYSTM plans are a guide to getting stronger, but they are necessarily generic in order to serve a large, international group of users. Remember: you set the rules! Like in cooking, feel free to substitute ingredients and season to taste.


My comment was more of a want rather than a need. I know I can move stuff around but I like structure so I like to follow the plan as closely as I can otherwise, I kind of don’t see the point; I don’t really want to ‘wing it’. I’d like just a bit of flexibility built in, say, some days it just says, 'Cycle for an hour mostly in Zone 3" or “Go for a run” that way I could still feel like I’m on track but do some other things. My big wish is for the plan to accommodate other activities intelligently but I feel like that’s a ways off, still got my fingers crossed for the run/cycle plan though.

If you’re happy with the way things are, that’s fine though, not everyone’s wish lists are the same.