New to the Sports Science Team!

Hey hey! I am Jinger (Ginger with a ‘J’)… the newest member to the Sports Science Team in Boulder. I am thrilled to become a Wahooligan and immerse myself in The Sufferfest culture!

In terms of background, I earned a PhD from CU Boulder in Integrative Physiology with an emphasis on biomechanics. Next, I spent three years at Emory School of Medicine completing a postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience before accepting a tenure position at Penn State in kinesiology.

During this academic journey I have both participated and coached others in thousands of events ranging from short running races to multi-day endurance challenges.

Personally, one of my MOST favorite things is exercising outside- and understanding the science behind how to improve fitness and performance is seriously a dream job.

Looking forward to interacting with you all!


You had me at running:heart:

Seriously, welcome aboard and congratulations on the new gig!

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That’s an impressive skill set!! Welcome to the greatest mythical nation on the planet :slight_smile:


Welcome @coach.jinger.g! I will be curious to see how you plan your Knighthood :wink: Kidding (not kidding). I’m sure you’ve been briefed that now that you’ve entered Sufferlandria, you can never leave (though why would anyone want to?).

The science and innovation behind The Sufferfest is one of many many things that keeps me (and a number of others I know) an annual subscriber to the app (best value for dollar out there, bar none).

I’m sure Sirs Mac and Neal will be grateful for your expertise as will the nation that hates them so much. Well, Sir Neal anyway #everyonehatessirneal


Welcome, Coach Jinger! With such an impressive resume, I can’t wait to see what you bring to the team.

You’re going to love it here, and we’re going to love having you. Again, welcome!

Welcome Coach Jinger. I hope you have a wonderful time in your new position.

Thank you ALL for your kind welcomes! Proud to be associated with this crew!


She’ll do.


Cheers to anyone who survived Atlanta traffic for three years! More seriously, glad to have someone with your background who has also suffered in the Georgia heat!

Welcome. You can never leave.

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Thank you, @coach.jinger.g, for the great interview, which was send via SUF newsletter today. I enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait to see some of the running content you are working on.

Exciting times ahead. Especially when you mentioned the running workouts and how the RIVAL watch can come into play.

I was waiting for you to mention “running power” a la footpod or watch computing but I guess it’s too early to try and squeeze out some details here. :slight_smile: Or is it?

PS: I can already see a second knighthood challenge on the horizon… on a TREADMLL (left the letter i out on purpose).


WELCOME! “Ginger with a ‘J’”

I realllly hope we get power based run workouts :slight_smile:

Oh yeah together with a Duathlon plan :wink:

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Reads better than Trdmll :wink:

Welcome and/but did I miss something there? It looks like you are planning to develop some kind of running workouts WITHOUT using power. In fact I think you said runners don’t use power? We do, or course, mostly courtesy of Stryd.
Others have mentioned this, which got me confused.
There are hordes of us (well, three or four that I know of) desperate for some kind of duathlon plan or at least a combined bike/run (bike/run/gym?) schedule.

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Welcome Jinger, I take it you have jinger hair. It fascinates me following someones academic achievements, then tying the connections together to arrive at their current position. Some know a lot about a little, some know a little about a lot and some fall in the middle…not that anyone wanted to know that, so welcome once again