Francois Guguen no longer with Suf

Hi Guys, over on the Sufferlandria FB page is this. Gutted!


You know, Sufferfest has had such a positive impact on my well being both Physically and Mentally. Wahoo stuff and the Pro Rides and On Location are all great, but I signed up when it was Sufferfest and I’ve loved it. I hope Wahoo doesn’t screw up Sufferfest and the training app in general.

When life is shit and I get a bit of time to train, the physical and mental benefits of training are great and really help. When life is good, the training helps too. Sufferfest is the icing on the cake in providing fun and “me time” to recharge for what life throws my way. I have enjoyed most of all the Sufferfest training videos and I am so sad that this may signal they end of new content and leaves me to be even more concerned about the future of the app.
Found this on Sir Francois’ LinkedIn page and this is what the training app and Sufferfest do for me. I need it in my life. Wahoo, please do not screw it up! Sufferfest and Wahoo training app surely must be a cash cow and in product maturity stage. Anyone know the subscriber numbers? Are they going down or what. Wahoo have cut every cost associated with the app, so what now? Surely they Sufferfest content has proved attractive to its customer base? Who is next? Is there anyone left to go?


Indeed, things look bad right now at wahoo and I’m also afraid they will let sufferfest rot in the future. Honestly I feel we are using the ruins of what was once great. Anyways, the content is still there and it seems at the moment there is an “abandon ship” cry. But if we all start leaving, that would be a death sentence for sure. I prefer to remain somewhat optimistic and renew at least one more year and see how things go.

I hope wahoo won’t let us down. If it does, I’ll be on the lookout for a new “sufferfest” style app that should feel the gap. I hope we won’t get there.


I’m not leaving and hope Wahoo does something with it and doesn’t kill it. I’m here until the ship goes down and I will be playing on my instrument of torture until the end!


My sentiments exactly. Losing Sir @Francois-Wahoo is like loosing the beating heart of Sufferlandria.


…may we never run out of road. Thank you @Francois-Wahoo


Confused by that comment as they just put out a new Sufferfest video and there also were three On Locations launched recently. Seems like they are still investing in the platform.


I hope you are right, with the creative genius behind the Suf videos gone, it didn’t look good though! Although we don’t know the reasons why. Maybe he has an offer too good to refuse, who knows? But a shock to see the creative genius gone!


I hear you…BUT. Wahoo has done a remarkably poor job of communicating what is going on, taken actions that appear to indicate they are closer to circling the drain than ramping up and, while they have added some new content, that have taken away several multiples of that, and that does not even include RGT.

I certainly understand the frustration and criticism.


I might have been too harsh with those words, especially with the new videos out. You’re right to point that out.

What I tried to mention is a fear I have when looking at things how they were, at least on this forum, a year ago and how they are now, considering as well the departures/disbanding. But again, I hope this is just a bump.

Nevertheless, if we are objective, we still have more than what the sufferfest offered at first (which was enough to get me into the app). Problem is we have less than what we had at some point with system, also some of the offers that justified the price increase had been removed (coaches).

I guess the challenge for wahoo now is to find a banner that will make people here feel part of the same community again. The sufferfest did it. System delivered on the promise of the attention to science in sports. Now, we still have sufferfest but not the same feeling of sufferlandria. With the disbanding of sport science department, a new promise, banner, identity might be needed to get people feel we are part of something again.

But again, the content is still available and we can still train!



not much to add :cry:


@Critmark Are you referring to the Inspiration videos? I think those are licensed and they also want to keep those fresh so they swap that content out from time to time. Before we had Inspiration videos the plans would just include Sufferfest videos at reduced efforts which lots of people complained about.


@Reynaldo_Lopez Agreed - threads like this seem to assume the worst but the platform is still there.





@JSampson it’s not just inspirational videos. I accept that the value to any particular set of workouts varies greatly, but I liked and used the GCN series a lot. After the Sufferfest vids, I used these the most.

My comment was just a recognition that it seems to me, more has been removed than added.

I understand the distinction between owned and licensed material. But I think you would be hard pressed to say the platform is better today in terms of offering than it was six, twelve or eighteen months ago. Again accepting that everyone is different.


Hey Chip, this you? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Many a fine word being said in the Sufferlandria Facebook group. Head over there, read more. And please don’t spout anti-Facebook back at me, that group is the spiritual home of many in the Sufferferlandrian community (and totally devoid of ad posts, suggested reads etc etc so I really won’t get your spouting) Redirecting...


@Critmark Yes - I like those as well. They are still there but now are No-Vids.

I used to use them in RGT but will probably just run my own entertainment or play music. To me the GCN instructors didn’t really add that much - it was sort of a retro spin class.

@Critmark I am actually pretty happy with where things are right now. I have a number of go to videos and some other stuff that I check out from time to time. I find the plans really helpful and have improved my riding a lot using this platform. I am beating all of my friends now and am placing well in races. That wasn’t the case previously.

I really like all of the progressions that they added within the last year for AC and NM. I was already doing the FTP progressions offseason and found those very helpful.

Further I have been using the new Wahoo App to record some of my strength workouts. I like the new interface that they added in that app for sensors and some of the display pages. Looks like another update dropped today so I need to check out what more is going on.

Just thinking back over my history on the platform there was a lot of chatter about an android app when I first joined. Then I remember drag and drop was a big deal and I am sure there were other things that I am not remembering that were resolved and people just forgot about and started moving on to complaining about the next thing.

To me the app seems to be in a good place and I expect that we will see more. I am a glass half full guy by nature but I do feel that there are reasons for optimism.


@JSampson I think the saying goes, two things can be true at the same time. You can be happy with where the platform is today and it can still have a lesser offering than it has. It all depends on what you find most valuable.

Ask someone who found the greatest value in RGT if this is still a great platform. Just a slightly different perspective. Both can be true.


@Critmark Yes - definitely agree. I wasn’t a user of RGT until Wahoo bought them. Candidly I didn’t really understand the decision at the time but grew to appreciate the platform and found it great to use for NoVid rides.

Overall virtual riding isn’t really my thing. I am more likely to do a SYSTM video or just ride outside. I have only used Zwift once since the free offer dropped and probably won’t continue with a subscription after the trial is up.

However I can definitely understand the perspective of long time RGT users. It seemed to have a great community and the group events that I joined were really fun.

Someone posted (not sure if was this forum or elsewhere) about how much market share / eyeballs normal video games have. The poster was from that industry and provided a unique perspective on the landscape for these sorts of apps. Seems like even Zwift is tiny compared to other video games out there and so I suspect that it was pretty challenging for Wahoo to invest in RGT especially when also trying to embrace a key partner and sell trainers through their channel.