New trainer day

New trainer day is coming soon. Tomorrow, actually. I am upgrading to a KICKR from a kinetic dumb trainer.

Any recommendations for my first ERG ride/session?



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Team Scream

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Full Frontal.



For me I actually went for Power Station (or may have been The Way Out…) as my KK Road Machine could never get the power at low cadence so thought it’d be a good test :slight_smile:

But to be honest, just pick a video you enjoy and have fun!! Unless you were using an actual power meter on your dumb trainer expect your targets to potentially be wayyyyy off though!


Kitchen Sink
You want to make sure that all the possibilities for the trainer and software work properly. :smiling_imp:


Violator! Sorry, couldn’t resist! But seriously your dumb trainer power curve is probably significantly different than the KICKR resistance. So either a fitness test or smash and rest fest like vio, half or idol may be in order.

Also, ERG is more responsive in the small ring 34x28 or similar.

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I have been using Assomia duo. So the change should be minimal.

I was thinking of Team Scream, or Norway.


Ah yeah you’ll be fine then, my kickr20 and Assiomas are pretty much always within a few watts of each other.

Both great options, I love both but I do particularly love Norway!

But Norway has no music. I feel like for my first I want a good beat.

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The Omnium is always good for me, or the Shovel to test out the Erg responsiveness :grin:

All of them :slight_smile:


I’ll go with Recharger (probably because it’s the only workout I’ve managed to complete on a Kickr)

There are so many transitions you will get an awesome experience on the new trainer!
Then obviously HM or FF as is due diligence for new trainer day :stuck_out_tongue:


KoM 2.0?


Ok, update. Here is the plan.

Tonight, I will do a short workout, just to try the KICKR.’ (Joyride, Recharger, the Cure, or EoS), maybe at reduced intensity.
Tomorrow morning (it’s supposed to rain here), Norway, or Team Scream.


Excellent plan!

Joyride is awesome but it’s always harder than I remember it being. Personally I would go Recharger today because I can’t ride it without a huge smile. Ideal ride for fine tuning the KICKR’. Norway or TS tomorrow are both perfect choices.


Recharger has the cadence and power pyramids which (in theory) are well suited to erg so seconding my own vote for that :grin:

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The first thing I did with my new Kickr Core was Endurance+. lol. Definitely good to do something with variation to get the feel for it. The FTP and MAP intervals may not feel too much different (assuming you had semi-accurate Virtual Power with your dumb trainer), but the AC and NM sprints are worlds apart on a smart trainer.

I would suggest ISLTA with a few random sprints thrown in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, here is the report:

I did part of Recharger last night and most of Norway this morning.

There is about a 10-15 W power difference between my pedals and the KICKR ( pedals are higher). I did do a spin down yesterday but may need to clean my drivetrain better…

At first I had the power from the KICKR selected in the devices and had my ROAM running along side it to compare. The 10-15W was fine for Recharger, but quite rough for Norway. So about 1/3 of the way, I switched the power read to the pedals. About 1/2 I turned down the intensity 10%. Kids woke up near the end so had to cut it a bit short. Very different to ride ErG versus my dumb trainer.

Obviously in the near/medium term I’ll have to re-test on the KICKR… :dizzy_face: but will probably do a few more sessions just to get used to the KICKR (though the test will be level mode).