Kickr snap. GVA been a tad naughty?

Evening all.

Question. Anyone had issues recently with their smart trainer and the wattage being way way too high?
Jumped in my kickr snap yesterday to to do ISLAGIATT (it’s a mandatory requirement while the Giro is on).

Anyway I was struggling to turn the pedals during the initial warm up. ERG mode I ground to a halt during the second effort on the warm up! Dropped resistance to 80% and still couldn’t hold any power even efforts that would normally be 80-90% of ftp. It’s almost as though the power requirements had doubled. So warm up was at ftp and ftp at greater than my AC!!

Anyway quite after 10 mins. Turned everything off. Did a spindown on the trainer. Ran it in the Wahoo app for a few mins and the power was back to normal so I thought great.

Back to sufferfest. Started up the app and went for level mode. Back to power needs being way out.

Bailed out. Ran the Wahoo app again and this time the app told me to do a factory spindown. Did that but by then I was shot so just turned everything off. Going back to it tomorrow to see how it is. Hopefully all ok but before I do I wondered if anyone had seen similar and fixed it.

Running iPad. BT connections to kickr snap and headwind and tickr. It’s ran in this conf it perfectly fine before.

Cheers in advance

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Hey Sir!
Do you mind dropping the minions a line so they can take a look at this?

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Hey Sir Cody

No problem however I was planning to try again tomorrow and if it’s still a problem to then contact the Minions. However. As per my post on the forum.

I downloaded ISLAGIATT into my iPad. Ran that and simply couldn’t hold any of the power requirements. I was in ERG mode. It felt almost like all power was doubled. So I couldn’t even hold power on the second little effort on the warmup!
So I stopped and dropped the %age to 80% effort then carried on. I stopped a few times to adjust the contact between the kickr and the rear wheel to see if that made a difference. Anyway after a while I aborted the video. Ran the Wahoo app at which point the power felt normal. Did a spindown. Then tried ISLAGIATT again but no good. The power went straight up again. So I aborted again. I the. Tried the way out but the power was still off.
So aborted that and back to the Wahoo app. At which point the app asked me to do a factory spindown. So I did that but then I got off knackered and left it. Thought I’d log out of the app. Reboot everything (which Id done a few times during all the fun above) and see how I go.
I’m running a kickr snap 2015/2016 era. iPad. BT connection to kickr, headwind and tickr. Switched off other devices nearby (phone).
App version 6.16.1

Not sure which one but I tried one of the sufferfest sessions above on my iPhone but still had the power problems. So it was when the kickr was connected to sufferfest the power was all off.

Hope this helps. Cheers

Rich Rogers

Hi Rich,

I’m a new Sufferfester trying out the program on the 14 day free trial, and very enthusiastic about the possibilities to improve my cycling and overall fitness. Lot’s to really like about Sufferfest.

I’m also using a Wahoo Kickr snap and i have also experienced a situation similar. I have done a couple of the Sufferfest cycling workouts so far and felt the wattage targets based on my FTP were significantly more difficult then I have experienced on other training platforms. I have been using the Kickr SNAP for 3 1/2 years and I have a good “feel” for what various power outputs feel like.

I was unable to finish the Elements of Style workout as the effort required to pedal was WAY greater than than what I felt the target power should feel like. And the GCN Max Efforts Minimum Time felt much much more difficult based on the power targets. I also did a spindown which made no difference. Before reading your post I questioned my FTP estimate, as I have not yet completed the Half Monty. However, after your post I wonder if the difficulty i experienced is related to my Kickr SNAP.

I will be interested to hear if this an issue with Sufferfest/Kickr Snap.

Thanks in advance,

Kickr Snap 2018 owner here … this happens to me from time to time and I just unplug the unit until the indicator lights go off (takes a few seconds) and plug back in again. It works out after that for me.

… but the Minions are pros at this stuff. They’ll sort you out.

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Hey all.

So I rebooted everything. Carried out a factory spindown. Logged out of the app and back in. Deleted then re downloaded ISLAGIATT video to my iPad.

Then tried it out.

To borrow a phrase from my fav Suff vid. It was Epic, Glorious and Wretched suffering!

All worked horrifically.

Don’t know exactly what the problem was or what fixed it. But all is well and the Minions are happy.

I guess after about 4 years of regular suffering her kickr just decided it needed a reset??


I had a kickr snap for while. It had a habit of losing the brake setting (I can’t remember the exact term but you used to be able to see the value in the wahoo app) that’s only reset by doing a factory calibration so it was applying way more resistance than needed but calculating the watts lower than it should be. It sounds like your issue, glad it’s all sorted now.

Yes. I have over 20,000 miles on my snap. About once a year I have to do a factory reset.

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I’ve noticed over the last month or so my kickr snap feels particularly like I’m pedaling in quicksand. I tried doing a recalibration on the wahoo app and it seems OK but maybe I’ve just got weaker?
Will try a full reset like above and see how we go!

God I hope that this is my issue too, otherwise I have lost about 100w on my FTP… I doggedly persevered through the FF struggling to hold 160w for the 20 minutes!

Here’s one thing that I HAVEN’T done for over a year and I haven’t had to do a factory reset since - don’t do a trainer software upgrade. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

I have the snap too. I have struggled with a few warm ups it feels like pedalling at 400 watts but only managing a cadence of 30-40. If I manage to get the cadence up it seems to right itself, and hopefully my legs are not toast at that point. It is odd that this question was raised just now. I did Butter today and was sure I was pedalling at higher watts than indicated, but just put it down as a bad day

Hey. Yeah if I have super low cadence that’s the Erg grip of death!!!

But no my original post was back in Oct last year. To be honest it’s been absolutely spot on since. Just needed a factory spin down and all was good. Perhaps try that

Oh and I definitely have good and bad days!!!

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