New trainer time?

Hey All

I’ve got an old Kurt Kinetic “smart” rock n roll. The “smart” is in inverted commas as it doesn’t actually work with System X (it does with RGT and just about every other platform Grrr !?!) So I have it set up with a speed sensor and use it as as a dumb trainer within SystmX, so its only working in level mode. ( I have asked the minions about this, they have no plans to make the Kurt compatible, I don’t blame them, it’s pretty damn old)

Why do I persist like this? I like the feel of the bike moving underneath me, it’s far more comfortable than the previous trainer I had (no numbness in the nether regions) and I also like level mode…… I always try and beat the target wattage.

Now I seen a Kickr v5 at a decent price second hand (less than £300) and it got me to wondering how my SystmX experience would be better if I actually had a smart trainer… lol

Now I have to confess, I’m not super interested in the technicalities of training. I just like throwing my leg over the bike and beating myself up for 50mins/1 hour. On that basis, what am I really missing out on?

What would you WahooliGAINS do ?

Thanks for your input

In my experience, new smart trainers are far, far better than older “smart” trainers if you want to use ERG mode.
If you prefer level mode, though, then you might not get quite so much out of it.

What would I do?
I’d wonder why a Kickr v5 was going at less than £300 and definitely not give that person any money up front until I’d seen it both exists and works correctly. There are a lot, especially on Facebook, of scam sellers “selling” Kickrs currently. They’ll ask for Paypal friends and family, then just send you nothing and you’re out of pocket.

I hear you, but advertised for collection in person.

We’ll see… if it’s too good to be true etc

The Rock and Roll provides movement in the rear where no iteration of the Kickr does (though they do have those feet that provide a little bit of flex). I’m honestly not sure what I would do in your case. A rocker plate would offer the same thing but then you are looking at an additional expense. :man_shrugging:

It’s ridiculous money but I wouldn’t give up my Saris MP1 platform. There are of course cheaper options.

I might help a buddy build a home made one later this year, one with fore/aft and side to side looks like it would be in the $250-350 USD range all in for parts and materials.

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I must admit, I’m somewhat surprised … I thought you’d all be saying get the Kickr (scams aside) they are brilliant.

So thank you for your thoughts, I might hold off upgrading and spend some of the saved money on Zwift ( to enjoy my smart trainer being smart :slight_smile: and to give zwift another try … I’ve not really “got it” or liked it previously)

Totally agree on the motion aspect. I got a Saris full motion platform last summer and it’s made an enormous difference in reducing butt pain and eliminated nether region numbness. I also just feel better during and after longer workouts. In the past I tried big puffy saddles and other things with limited success. With the platform, I can ride my normal minimalist road saddles.

The Saris platform aint cheep, (I got it 50% off last summer) and the fact is that the vast majority of time the movement isn’t much, a few degrees left/right and a cm or two fore/aft. I believe less expensive platforms based on inflated donuts or balls could work as well.

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Same… I’m not sure there’s much to get, unless you fall into a really active group and connect bwo of an outside app like Discord, etc. (I have friends that have done so and are smitten). I’m much happier in SYSTM and the occasional RGT foray.

I sorely missed that deal, but still happened on about 20-25% off after Christmas and free shipment, which was no small thing.

To be fair, I LOVE my Kickr ‘18 and Kickr Climb combo. It IS brilliant. With the gradient changes and the bike moving up and down it makes the SYSTM rides waaaaay more immersive. I would never replace it with anything that didn’t provide the up/down moment. BUT, to have SYSTM control gradient changes you HAVE to be in ERG mode, which is my preferred mode anyway. And, without a rocker plate (which I’m not even sure if you can safely do with the Kickr Climb) you still won’t get that side to side motion that you say provides relief in the netherworld.

Now, that said, on RGT, or FulGaz, or Rouvy or Zwift or any of the simulator apps, you can keep it in Level or Slope mode and both the resistance and gradient changes are felt based on the changes in virtually simulated terrain. So, when riding Alpe du Zwift for example, a ride I’ve done nearly 30 times, when the route points up, not only does the resistance increase (based on the degree of trainer difficulty you’ve set, I’ve always had mine at 100%) but so does your bike. The KK Rock ‘n Roll will NOT provide that level of immersion. The trade off again is that side to side motion. But for MY money, that’s something I’m willing to trade. I will NEVER return to indoor training that didn’t have gradient control.

I’m hoping to make your decision to go or not go with a true Smart trainer a little harder :smiling_imp:


I would also like to chime in as a Saris MP1 user, its been fantastic. Solved a lot of the discomfort i was having and i can easily ride for longer than an hour on the trainer.