New trainer, Not on List for Virtual Watts

We got a new Saris Fluid² trainer in my pain cave:

It doesn’t sow up on the equipment list for adding virtual watts. Any idea what is a close substitute?

Thank you!

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Fluid 2 does show up.

Look under CycleOps

Fluid 2 is listed.

I assume you also have a speed and cadence sensor, you’ll need those too.

@jkorngold I have one of those - it is a very good trainer. As Sir Glen notes it definitely is listed and I have used it with the app.

Also after each ride be sure to loosen the tension on the tire and before each ride you will want to check the tire pressure and tighten the knob again. If you don’t already have a trainer tire I would recommend getting one.

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Thank you Sirs Glen and JSampson!
I didn’t know that Saris was CycleOps.
And yes, I use a speed and cadence sensor.
And we have a special trainer tire (BLUE!) and we mess with the knob and maintain tire pressure - all those things.

I’ve been using rollers for years, but my wife wanted to suffer with me, so we bought her the Fluid2. It is indeed a very nice unit.

I wonder if my 4DP results will transfer seamlessly to the Fluid2. It might be nice to try a fixed bike system! But I don’t want to do FF on it. (send me to the flogging station now…)


You can try your 4DP from the rollers but the advice, and I think you know this already, is if you want it to be accurate, you’ll have to redo FF. Sorry.

evil laugh


Yes sir…but…then I’ll have to keep track of 2 4DP profiles. And every time I retest, I’ll have to retest twice! No thank you - I’ll stick to the rollers. Even so, I need to retest, as my power production has improved, so your evil laugh still stands.

Ah yea, I forgot we had this discussion before I think.



Actually, I blew through two trainer tires and then decided to use an old Turbo Pro That tire lasted until it dried out. I’ll never buy another trainer specific tire again.

@jmckenzieKOS Wow - bummer. I had good success with the CycleOps branded trainer tires. Never had an issue.

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Whoa!!! Sir James “Megawatts” McKenzie.

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Everybody’s experience is different. A trainer specific tyre was, without doubt, the single best purchase I made when I was using my dumb turbo. Faultless performance (and I expect that would continue if I continued using the dumb trainer).

They all are based on the same tire (believe it or not). Shredded the middle and ended up with a pile of rubber on the mat. With the road tires, I ended up replacing them because a different one wore out on the road bike (a had two bikes, one for the trainer and one for everything else). I took one back to the LBS and they were absolutely amazed at the amount of damage in less than a month. They were the one’s to suggest using an old road tire (what did I have to lose?) It worked.

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