Switching Trainers - Keep 4DP Profile or Re-test?

I do my suffering on a set of rollers with a headwind fan attached.
I use virtual watts and everything is beautiful.
Now our house is about to acquire a new fluid or mag trainer (simple, not smart). If use virtual watts with the new trainer, is it sufficient to just change the equipment on the Virtual Watts manufacturer and model page, or do I need to redo Full Frontal on the new trainer?
Thank you,

Hello, you’ve reached level 1 Sufferlandrian flogging support services where the answer to every question is redo Full Frontal.

evil laugh


Of course!

Good luck!

@jkorngold in all seriousness, a new FF is usually recommended after an equipment change.

That’s a great reason to stay on the rollers! My 4DP profile is dialed in.

I’ve got about 30 minutes on rollers before I HAVE to get off them. Kudos to you and anyone else who can do these vids on rollers. Badasses, all y’all!

The jumpy camera work can throw my balance for sure. I use two screens. Numerical targets on the floor when I’m eating stem, and a large screen tv when I’m in the mountains with Cotty or recovering. Rollers is all I got, so that’s what I use. I’ve had them since before I was married, so… forever.

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nuthin but respect.

And to you Sir Glen!

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