New user power advice

Hi I’m new to training with power and HR and need some advice. I’m using a Wattbike Atom and did the Full Frontal today. I couldn’t match the power. I was always WAY over. It would say to aim for 90w and I would be at like 150w or even double that. My cadence would be fine. There was no way I could match the power unless I rode in first gear and really slowly. What am I doing wrong?

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Hiya, just wanted to check - you’ve got the Atom in level mode?

Welcome @armageddon1 !

For Full Frontal, you should have your trainer in Level mode as @Teresa_Dray said.

The power targets in Full Frontal are there as a guide only, and if it’s your first time doing FF, they will likely be nothing like the power that you should be actually riding at during the test.

The idea in this test is that you pace each interval (5 minute, 20 minute, 1 minute) so that you maximize your power over that time frame. The two longer intervals should be paced fairly evenly (no surge or fade at the end). The 1 minute interval is paced differently, with a peak at the start, and then you fade (but don’t stop) over the course of the minute.

It takes some time to learn how to pace these longer intervals, so don’t feel bad if you feel like you don’t get them ‘right’ on your first try.


Hi Teresa, yes I was in gear mode. Plenty of warnings from the app so I made sure I was!

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Thanks. I gave it everything so I’m happy I put the right amount of effort in - I don’t want to do that again in a hurry!! I guess I’ll see how it goes on my next ride and see if I’m doing the power thing right. Thanks for replying

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Well done for doing FF. Not the most pleasant 60 mins,I always get nervous beforehand, it’s crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ve done 4 FF’s and would say it took me until the 3rd and 4th to feel I’d got it about right with pacing etc. First two I had way too much left at the end of the 20 min section. The last 1 min test should be absolutely hideous and to drop off is totally normal if you’ve hit the rest of it right. Good luck (& welcome) Oh and how do you find the Atom? I had one of the original models then upgraded to next generation - big improvement with the electro magnetic resistance :+1:

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I’ve never used a smart trainer before so it’s all new to me. Taken me a week to get the set up right but I’m really enjoying it. Just trying a few apps before I decide on a subscription. A previous user of the sufferfest videos so I’ll probably go there but Fulgaz also looks good

I used TrainerRoad for a while but found the lack of on screen inspiration pretty dull. Have been tempted with trying Fulgaz as I like footage of places I’ve actually ridden in.