Android Can't mirror to Chromecast

I’ve tried twice to mirror my screen for two rides to the Chromecast, so I can finally get SUF on the big screen. The signal is incredibly choppy and then just fails. I cast one yoga and it was ok, but not great. Please give me suggestions of things to try? I can cast easily from other apps, with the screen cast icon, but suf doesn’t have that. (Yes, all my software is up to date and I’ve rebooted everything)

Can I ask what version/model Chromecast you’re using?

I’ve managed to screencast without any issues but I previously had similar problems to what you’ve described (with other apps) when I was using an older Chromecast.

Oh no. Probably that’s the problem. I’m using a Chromecast Ultra, which Wikipedia tells me came out 5 years ago. Guess I’ll have to shell out for the newest one. Thanks @Ben_Proctor

Ben, what version Chromecast is working for you? I see two available in the Google store

Hi @lchutny, mirroring your screen to a Chromecast works slightly differently to using Chromecast from something like YouTube, which might be why you are seeing choppy video.

As I understand it the amount of network traffic is much higher when mirroring as the video has to be streamed to your phone first and then streamed from your phone to the Chromecast. With something like YouTube the phone just tells the Chromecast which video to get and it goes off and streams it directly.

Basically your WiFi may be struggling to transfer the video fast enough, so there are a few things I can think of that may help:

  • Make sure you have good WiFi signal to both the Chromecast and the phone
  • You have a Chromecast Ultra which I think has a socket in the power adaptor for connecting a wired network cable to. If you are able to plug in a network cable from your internet router to the Chromecast then this may improve things
  • If you are willing to do 15 minutes of tinkering then you could buy a Chromecast with Google TV and a bluetooth mouse. You can then install SYSTM directly on to the Chromecast using these instructions. This is what I do for both Yoga and on-bike workouts and I find it works really well.

Good luck!

Hi, Sandy. Thanks. I was thinking to upgrade to the Chromecast with Google TV as that seems to work for others. Or I wait until we move in 5 months to a house where I’ll have a hardwired connection (ethernet) to my existing chromecast and see if that works better… Thank you!

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