Google pixel 6


Anyone use a Google pixel 6 for sufferfest??

My old phone was a Samsung and I could simply plug a hdmi cable (through a USB c adaptor) to mirror the workouts to my manager TV.

Google have apparently disabled this feature to try and get you to get an expensive dock to do the same job!!!

Anyone use a Google phone for this and have any workarounds?? Would a Chromecast work?


Less than you, until I can get this sorted :disappointed_relieved:

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I don’t know about using a cable but a chromecast works fine - you can just cast your entire screen to it.

However, I find that sometimes the picture on the TV pauses as the wifi struggles to keep up (The workout on the phone carries on just fine). Downloading a workout beforehand helps reduce the network traffic though so it normally works ok.

Yes similar to Sandy… Chrome cast does cast to TV ok but for me it plays havoc with my Wahoo HRM ( drops out all the time and finally never comes back on)so much so that I have stopped using it and just do the workouts on my phone until I can come up with a better option