Nopinz Subzero

I haven’t seem this mentioned here yet. What are peoples thoughts on this. Have we reached peak indoor training snake oil, or is there a benefit

They do say that cooling is one of the biggest issues for indoor cycling and I suspect it’s probably exceedingly effective at getting the core temps down.

I’m not, however, in a position to put my hand in my pockets but I could load up an old jersey with some of cool box slabs and see where that gets me on the next FF!

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I actually tried it during a particularly gruelling 4.5 hour session a few weeks ago. I put ice packs in my gilet pockets. Did I feel cooler… a bit. What I noticed more was that every time I got out of the saddle - I was virtually climbing - I had the extra weight on my back. I think I prefer multiple fans.


If my electricity bill could stand it I might put the portable air con unit in the pain cave and do some HR comparisons with that, a jersey full of ice and fan only!