Cold weather trainer or virtual power sensor

So, I made the mistake of replying on some other thread that my Kurt Kinetic trainer has served me well in the far-below-freezing garage. It mostly has, although over the years I ahve gone through 3 speed sensors (the trainer uses a speed sensor and a known curve - the “virtual power” method). The other speed sensor went out suddenly. This one kinda glitches in and out. I think it does better if I put a floor heater near it, so I have been doing that. Today was about 10-15 F ( ~ -10 C) out there; might be related, but the sensor was glitching a lot. (Lucky for me it was endurance day and I knew my effort was where it was supposed to be. I was watching movies).
Anyway, anyone have recommendations? Preferably the kind that don’t require a brand new trainer or power pedals?

I was prob averaging ~ 205 W. It gave me 187 avg and 173 normalized! Didn’t matter today but it will when I have real power targets!!

You really want a suggestion? Get into a warmer pain cave. Electronic devices don’t work well at temps below freezing. Batteries put out about 50% power and the devices are subject to sudden failure.


Yeah, I do get it, but it won’t happen anytime soon. My phone and laptop remain plugged in out there but the trainer sensor is powered by one of those coin batts. Thanks though.

The usual options to people in weather scenarios are to try and switch protocol is you can. E.g from BT to Ant or vice versa. Also try and minimise interference on the 2.4 channel, so stop other items broadcasting etc and see if that improves things.

Otherwise it could just be the cold :frowning:

+1 polar bear…

I will say that my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt does pretty well in the winter. Yes, reduced battery time, but I’m not going on 6 hour bike rides when it is 0 F out. I do already use mostly ANT+ connections; they seem to work better.