NORWAY LIVE: Are you ready to ride?

How are you all preparing to take on stage 5 of the tour of Sufferlandria? The vast unknown of Norway, as our latest workout!

Norway is the latest workout to be released into the app. As a result you are all probably as apprehensive as I am on what to expect. But fear not, join me for Norway where coach Mac Cassin (the real reason you’re going to watch) is going to support me from the team car and talk everyone through this awesome new riding experience!

As you know it is cold out there in Norway and I enjoy pain as much as the next Sufferlandrian, especially when it is for a great cause! Help me layer up properly by donating to my fundraising so I can get through the workout and look ridiculous in the process:

  • $20/T-shirt (I’ll wear a maximum of 5)
  • $50/ jumper (I’ll wear a maximum of 4)
  • $25 for each glove

I’ll have a few additional items available for auction also…


Looking forward to it, @Coach.Rupert.H! :slight_smile: