🎺 🎉 🚲 The Wahooligan Tour 2024 - Registration is Open! 🚲 🎉 🎺

Registration is open for the 2024 Wahooligan Tour!
Head over to our website to find out everything you need to know about why we do the Tour, how to register, this year’s routes and more!

This year we are proud to present 2 routes:

The Wahooligan Route
The Wahooligan Route is our signature route showcasing the best of our personalized 4DP workouts in SYSTM. No matter your level, this route will be challenging ,but rewarding.

The Sufferlandrian Route
This route honors Sufferlandrian history where the Tour began back in 2013. Specifically designed for seasoned riders of the Tour to test your mental and physical limits, all in the name of a great cause.

See you on the start line and looking forward to this event which raises funds for a fantastic cause that has been going for 20 years: the Davis Phinney Foundation and their programs to help people living with Parkinson’s live well today!

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Have to give credit where the credits due. You listen to the crowd and gave us sufferlandrians some classic, glorious routes. Time to churn some watts for the good cause!


Ok. The sufferlandria route is just…yep. Good one there, that’s a challenge. It is just mean. To do that at 100% will take some serious effort.
As @henindhi said:


Anyone else look at this and immediately think, “maybe I could do both routes”?

Thanks also to the Wahoo design team for placing “Wahooligan” where it’s easy to Photoshop out.

@Rupert.H I’m genuinely interested in why Wahoo thinks it’s a good idea to use Wahooligan when it has right wing thug connotations in Germany, Wahoo’s third largest market? Change the name and you would get more German customers.


This… absolutely this.

The Wahoolifest route.



It’s gonna be nuts, to do both. But I know somewhere in our nation there will be the select ones that will at least try. I mean, we know what the citizens of our nation made of.


Full gas all the way! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t get why they haven’t made it over 2 weeks (or split the weeks) so you could do both. Surely that would create more interest? You could then choose one or the other or do both. That way you could earn two badges?

I like that you can choose an all Sufferfest option though in that you still have a Mike Cotty on location and an Ian Boswell. Mind you after Blender / Nine Hammers to begin with you might fancy some easier rides…

Second the comments on use of the term Wahooligan - it’s just such a poor choice of word. Imagine ‘join the wahoo crew’ or ‘there are only a few that Wahoo’ ‘Wahoo - be one of few’ lots of alliterative options to play with instead of hooligan.


please check the above training plan again, the one under the link above doesn´t include a 4dp test prior to the Tour. Which was kind of criterias originally - wasn´t it ?


@mk2608 - I can’t speak to prior years but last year’s Tour training plan did not include any fitness tests (HM or FF). Fortunately, with this starting 2 weeks away, you have time to squeeze one in beforehand if you wish.


ok, two years ago it was a must - may it changed.

still says,
" If you have a power meter, smart trainer, or conventional trainer set up for virtual power, take the Full Frontal fitness test a few days before the Tour and get your complete 4DP® profile.

Lets wait and see.


All registered and 1st donations made… bib sorted and poster too.

Bring on Tour #9

See you all on the start line!!



If you have time to do a fitness test pre-tour we highly recommend it as you will have the best experience with accurate 4DP numbers.
If you want to tag an extra week onto your training we recommend:



Doing the test before the tour prep plan ? Because usually the saying was few days before the event? Thx for clarification.


I think it is a pity the Sufferlandrian Route has not gone back to the old standard of 9 stages and sticks with the current 7 stages. 7 is almost doable at 100%. 9 is definitely not.


I actually think this is less challenging than say Flamme rouge racing series on Zwift. Sacrilege perhaps but 7 stages rather than 9 for the seasoned Sufferlandrian?

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7 stages but 9 rides, if that balances things out a bit.

Alternatively do both routes to get 14 rides :wink:


I am not falling for that trap :slight_smile:

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Argh! It looks like a painfully awesome tour! But I am traveling that week and will have to be an in-official participant, and either do a few before and some after, or just do it the week after… double suffering, I guess…

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If you’re just going to make things up why do the tour at all? You just donate to the DPF and do what you want.

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