Not suffering enough

Hi everyone,

I’m after some advice. In essence, I think my numbers are too low.

Following a FF in mid January I did the 4 week Volcano Climbing Plan. I didn’t re-test after that plan because it seemed too soon, and instead this week rolled straight into an intermediate All Purpose Road plan, anticipating a mid-plan HM.

However, on Sunday I went up my local hill climb and put out 20W more than my previous best effort over 18 minutes. I did Revolver this morning and it was… pretty easy to be honest. And my HR was quite low (average 157; when I did it last year on a fresh HM it averaged 165).

So I think I need to up my numbers. I think I will do the HM in my first rest week (week 3). In the meantime what would you recommend:

  • manually increase FTP and MAP, based on my hill climb (I generally find this correlates well with SUF FTP tests)
  • ride on RPE
  • just enjoy it while it lasts (and report to a flogging station)
  • wait and see how I feel for the next few workouts
  • something else?

Probably want to do a Half Monty. Only need a couple days recovery before and it’s not as strenuous as FF so you can get right back to suffering within a day or two.

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Two other comments:

  1. The Volcano plan obviously worked a treat! (it also worked my butt off)
  2. I am not doing another FF yet so don’t even suggest it :joy: … here is a picture of me going up the hill on Sunday: