LTHR down after Half Monty

Did HM for the first time today a week after FF. I definitely think that HM favours my Attacker rider type as mentioned previously by @Coach.Mac.C.

Map increase of 20w!! With a small 5w increase to FTP which I can understand, not looking forward to my next Map based workout and I think the figure may be a bit too high as I went all out last week, however I am keen to try it to see if perhaps the 20min effort in FF is playing on my mind during the 5 min effort.

My biggest surprise was LTHR being adjusted 7bpm downwards, which again I think @Coach.Mac.C mentioned in his post as a possibility with my rider type. What does this mean for me other than my heart rate targets will be lower during the sessions?

Finally HM was so much more enjoyable than FF and I will definetly be trying to incorporate it into my training going forward… If I survive my next few Map based workouts!


Same with me, also Attacker!

I‘m wondering if i should keep my recent FF LTHR which is 5 beats higher than what i got with half monty today

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My view - keep the HR number you had from FF - it’s more representative of what you will get your HR up to during workouts.
HM tries to assess HR based on the last minute of the RAMP so I would suggest is more subject to variation. It gives you a pointer to where it might be, but FF is the master.
And yes, you’re right of course - it only changes the ranges on the screen, and if you’re training to power then it’s just a range that you possibly will always look ‘high’ in (if you let a low HM THR be updated)

MAP and 20 min numbers - you never know until you try as you suggest I guess. Though as you are hitting higher HR in the FF, that implies you were working hard enough, but we all now that HR isn’t maybe the way to decide anything. Noting that even with the constrained HR though, your FTP came out higher also might be a sign you’re up a bit, but again, it’s a different test.

Give Nine Hammers a go (when you’re fresh again) and let us know …

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Thanks for your comprehensive reply Sir!

My last two FF tests (compared to two half monty in between training plans) each resulted in a 5-7bpm higher LTHR.

Last time i went with the lower number.
After a couple videos, i was mostly in the zones. Except for Z1 i guess.

But this time with +29watts MAP, the higher LTHR might well be necessary!

Uh yeah, Nine Hammers! My Nemesis!
Luckily not on schedule anytime soon!

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Thanks for both your replies. I have carried on with the revised half monty values for now and have made it through 14 vise grips and the rookie only just!

Will stick with it for now and will try 9 hammers or a very dark place soon as the final hammer always gets me and a very dark place usually requires a breather after the 4th interval!

Good luck with the new numbers @X.VALENTYN


Good work on completing your first Half Monty Sir Craig!

For most people, LTHR will be between 88% and 93% of peak 1-min heart rate, and 91-95% of peak heart rate. On top of rider type, bear in mind though that heart rate is subject to so many variables, including higher peak heart rate generally meaning you are fresher.