Nutrition and Fitness Challenge

We had the yoga challenge, the all in challenge and I am sure their were others I missed. I would really like to see something like a 4 week eating to be fit plan. A month of workouts and corresponding nutrition goals and maybe even recipes each day to meet a preselected goal for the 4 weeks. Option could be:

fueling to preform- speed workouts and learning how to hydrate and carb intake ratios

going veggie - how to fuel and recover without meat FTP based plan

weight loss- how to cut the right amount of calories and still fuel for workouts not sure of the right power zones for this perhaps a ton of sweet spot?

Any interests out there?


What a great idea, Aforbis :smiley:!

One look at my (fl)abs will tell you that nutrition has never been my primary focus. To be honest, I have a general idea of how and what I should be eating but I’m not motivated enough to pay attention to food preparation. Perhaps a SUF challenge would inspire me to really focus on it and once I enjoy it’s positive benefits I might even incorporate it into my routine.

Are there any others out there who can get behind this idea?

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I would love to be a part of that challenge! :smiley:

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Hey Allen,

Thanks for a great suggestion, this is something we would love to look into but currently we do not have a registered dietician in our sport science team to provide the required support for such a challenge. It is something we are looking into for the future though!

However, I know that @Coach.Suzie.S is putting something together about the basics of nutrition in the forum next week. In the meantime, you can also check out our Eating to Suffer Handbook


I think of SUF as already the complete package but expanding into the nutrition sector sounds like an absolute dream. :heart:

Would you go as far as to call it a “plan”? :slight_smile:

@aforbis: The only difference to all the other challenges so far would be that it’s not possible to track the execution in the app and validate the effort. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the idea, but the execution will be difficult.
Maybe we could get something un-officially up and running here in the forum, if you like?


how about partnering with myfitness pal to log the food

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