Nutrition Plans by weeks during training?

Hi, Hope everyone is staying well and positive.

Can anyone recommend where one can find a “calendar” like plan for nutrition training that helps with recovery and fitness?

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to post some links.

@SUFFERFEST development-product: You may want to include this is the calendar section of a training plan.

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Nutrition is a very personal thing.
To get things started maybe you could read the „Eating to Suffer“ guide:

And make sure to visit Coach Suzie Snyder’s Nutrition 101 here in the forum:

I hope this already helps you.

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A warm welcome to you scubaflow88 . For workouts less than an hour I will sip an electrolyte drink every 5-10 mins. For workouts over an hour, I will sip an energy drink, I usually mix it half strength .If the workout gets nearer to two hours I will have a gel on standby, but seldom need it.
After the hardest of workouts I take a recovery drink.If the workout is particularly intense I will take in some extra protein , but this may only happen once a week or so.I arrange a light meal after most workouts, so I get carbs and protein quickly .I tend to look after my nutrition before I shower and change, so the recovery starts right away. I can then sit down and relax after dressing and continue recovery

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This might be a great new category to add. Maybe like MTP, it’s a multi-week course with a workbook to track what you ate, your weight, how you felt, how you performed. Putting it on paper (or a spread sheet) gives good visibility to what works and doesn’t work.

ErickT It is hard to give generic advise because what works for someone may only work for a limited time, and may not be suitable for someone else at any time. For example, if you eat an apple a day less , then you take in less calories, lose weight and if your body did not adjust to it, you would disappear completely over time. The high fat diets work well for some people for some of the time, but it is only a temp solution.While it may aid endurance, it would hamper high intensity efforts where your body needs a faster mechanism to deliver energy. We may want to use a calorie deficit diet to lose weight, but this would be better during off season, and not when you are doing full on stuff and need the energy. People also react differently to carbs, some people may get an insulin spike and some may thrive on a food. I am not trying to pour cold water on the suggestion, but we can learn what works for us individually and be prepared to change the plan as soon as conditions change