Official Awarding of the Sir Joe Martin Spirit of Sufferlandria Award 2021

****** Official Awarding of the Sir Joe Martin Spirit of Sufferlandria Award! *****

From Sir Joe Martin:
"This year, the ToS’21 Sir Joe Martin Spirit of Sufferlandria Award goes to @Pierre. As far back as September, Pierre was being recognized for his contributions on the SUF Forum. More recently however, it was his continuous presence in the conversational peloton on that site that has earned him this award. Always upbeat and helpful, urging the group forward with Sufferlandrian aplomb. If you found yourself mostly on the Facebook site, and you want a taste of Pierre’s SUF Spirit, just have a look at his video recollections of the Tour at

Congratulations Pierre, you will receive a $100 donation to your DPF account. Thank you! Oh, and about that Knighthood…

Sir Joe would also like to recognize two riders who exemplified the Spirit of Sufferlandria by riding the Tour while suffering in that “other” way. The way we don’t recommend. Simply deciding to start the Tour for them is more than most of us would undertake, let alone finishing. They are inspirational. They are Badass. They are True Sufferlandrians. Therefore, they will each receive ToS’21 Pint Glasses designed and made by Sir Joe.

Congratulations to Dame @IsiSchneider_KoS and Sir Tomas Mulqueen.

About the SJMSOSA : Sir Joe Martin is a long-time Sufferlandrian who has, over the years, enthusiastically and constantly encouraged and supported members of the Sufferlandrian community. In 2020, to recognize his substantial contributions to our great nation, we created this award in his name. It is now awarded to the individual who, during the Tour of Sufferlandria, makes an extra-ordinary effort make our community a better place and who serves as an inspiration and role model for the rest of us.


Excellent choice - congrats to Pierre! @Pierre


I’m humbled by this award and the recognition I received from this community. Couldn’t have done it without all of the great sufferlandrians around me.

Congratulations to Dame @IsiSchneider_KoS and Sir Tomas Mulqueen! On finishing the tour and being absolute badasses whilst doing it.

I said this before but I will say it again: 2021 will be a gem of a year!


still awestruck… this is my reply I posted on FB when I first found out about this exceptional Sufferlandrian honour:

WOW! what should I say? lost for words… I still need a lot of sleep so I just got up, poured myself a cuppa coffee and thought I’d take my “morning what’s going on in the SUF group” look. and now I’m completely overwhelmed… thank you Sufferlandrians for your support. happy and proud to be a part of this :heavy_heart_exclamation:

at the moment I’m just sitting here with a grin that would probably go all the way round if my ears weren’t in the way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’ll probably need more than just another coffee to get all this sorted… :blush:


Congratulations @Pierre ! Well deserved.

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Hear, hear!

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Fab news for all involved… kudos indeed.

I’ll get the 1st round in at The Nine Hammers Tavern.


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Well done Pierre … even my wife (who isn’t remotely interested in my cycling life) has watched the Norway video on multiple occasions.