The 2022 Sir Joe Martin Spirt of Sufferlandria Award

RIDERS! With just over 2 hours (!!!) before the opening of Stage 1, I’d like to use this moment to let you know about the 2022 Sir Joe Martin Spirt of Sufferlandria Award.

This award is given to the Sufferlandrian who contributes most to the community during the Tour. How do you contribute? By encouraging your fellow riders. By congratulating them in times of success and supporting them in difficult moments. By sharing your experiences on Tour. By making us all laugh. By being there.

The award was named for the illustrious and infamous Sir Joe Martin - a long time Sufferlandrian who has made immense contributions to the Sufferlandrian community, especially at Tour time. Sir Joe is also the judge for the award and will announce his pick, who usually receives something etched in recognition, once the Tour has finished.


Well, stage one didn’t disappoint, I just hope it doesn’t scare anyone off.
And yes, Sir Joe is Legend. I’ve heard that Grunter, carries a picture of him in his wallet.


What a fantastic recognition for a guy who has given so much to the Sufferlandrian community over the years. Well done, Gerry!


Oh My, I am truly honoured to receive this award from Sir David McQuillen & Sir Joe Martin. There are so so many amazing Sufferlandrians here in the village and yes in the Nine Hammers Tavern as well that are deserving of this coveted award. YeaH! Here We Go! I was here to provide a ummm service to those in need during the tour! 🦖🥴


Nice one Gerry.