On Strava? Click those Challenge buttons!

For those on Strava who click the “Join challenge” buttons, get the vouchers, but wonder if anyone actually wins the prizes … Well, yes they do!

A few months ago I joined the Isadore-Factor bikes Muddy Things Challenge (from memory I saw that Sir @AlexEllermann had done so and followed his lead), got the voucher and then forgot about it. Well, I recently got some follow-up emails informing me that I had won one of the 2 second prizes - a set of Black Inc 45 wheel sets :partying_face::champagne:. Even more impressive Factor/ Black Inc have swapped out the 45s for a set of Thirty Fours for my gravel bike - a seriously impressive wheel set! Now I need to add some Isadore kit.

So, hoping I’m not breaking any forum rules here, a huge shout out to Factor/Black Inc and Isadore - Thank you!

Keep clicking on those “Join Challenge” buttons. And thank you Sir Alex.



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I’ve been taking advantage of the Le Col discounts.

I have zero expectations of winning any of the big prizes, but it’s good to hear that someone real is!


Yeah, I’ve just purchased some Le Col bibs - superb. I too had zero expectations of winning - initially I thought I had received a scam email!

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Nice one! Congratulations on the new wheels. :slight_smile:

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Excellent - congratulation!

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I couldn’t be happier for you. May they bring you glorious Suffering.

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Thanks. They will indeed. Next week is a big week for my gravel steed - my Garbaruk 10-50 arrived yesterday. Those crazy gravel ascents should be less, uh, grinding.


Never won anything from the challenges, but I HAVE used a lot of the discount codes to discover some good products.

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Ditto. Discovered numerous good brands I had never heard of before.

Arrived yesterday!


They look very round and appropriately black. Here’s to them making you faster!:clinking_glasses::champagne:

And SHINY! Now there’s some extra speed. :biking_man: Thanks!

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Because of there discount most of my stuff has become this.