Strava can go #&$@ itself

Here’s another reason Strava can go EF itself :stuck_out_tongue:

Just did The Omnium and almost died in the last 20 second effort. Here’s what Strava says about my ride today


Well to be fair, there is heaps of recovery and maybe you’ve been doing lots of sustained efforts recently?

I largely ignore what Steava says and Garmin Connect is always good for a giggle. Go ride 200km…your fitness is dropping. :woman_shrugging:t4:




Yeh, I realize. It’s just funny and not helpful from a mental standpoint. It’s kinda like Garmin telling me whatever it used to tell me and I just stopped paying attention to it, like you. I get that these things have physiological parameters it’s just that the language used, from a lay perspective, isn’t motivating. Why not say: “good job at varying your efforts, this kind of activity will help make you stronger etc etc”


Yeah. TSS is silly. Obvs.

The only time I pay attention to my Strava messages is when they say I met my weekly riding goal.

hahA!! Exactyl! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for my “Fitness Score” to shoot way up from my next KOS attempt. As if doing a race or an event actually increases your fitness. It’s so silly. Training for the event is what improves my fitness. Not the event. Then I get to watch my fitness drop off madly over the next couple weeks. :man_facepalming:


I pay absolutely no attention to anything Strava says about my fitness. They aren’t a fitness app in any sense of the word. They are where i share my rides and workouts.


Agreed! OH AND! Strava always calculates ~0.2mph slower than what my Garmin records, in our house we call it the Strava tax and we resent it deeply.


Lol! The Strava tax! That’s funny. I too find it odd that Strava tends to have its own way of calculating things. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really care what Strava says and, like Sir James, I use it simply to share my activities and as a diary/log of sorts.

It just strikes my funny bone when it, and Garmin tell you things in such a way as to almost mock the effort you just did. I wish they’d double down on that if they’re gonna do it at all. Like SUF. E.g. “you’re gonna need to SUFFER more”, “is that REALLY the best you got?” etc etc


what I care about on Strava is QOMs (there’s one in my neighbourhood I’ve been hunting for year … ) and I have a couple routes I do regularly so I like seeing those rides trending faster over time.


I’m 100% in support of whatever it takes to get people out and active. I haven’t subscribed for a bit so I don’t see segments anymore, until after the ride that is. You go get that QOM and don’t forget to come back and tell us about it here.


Oh, I’ll let you know! Technically I have achieved a joint QOM, but (1) it doesn’t appear in the leaderboard because I had my privacy settings on and it’s very close to home, so didn’t get counted and (2) it’s not a true victory as I matched the time of the current QOM. I WILL get it one day.


Waitaminnit! If you go back to that ride and change the privacy settings to “everyone” and refresh your Strava page will it not update the QOM? In any case @rinaf, a tie for first is still first so :clap::clap::clap:


It wasn’t about the ride being private, rather that the default setting where ‘the first and last 200 meters of your activity maps will be hidden by default’ got in the way, as my home must be just within range. I removed that setting when I realised, but the change only applies to future activities. :frowning: something to work toward!


Doh!! Still, you know you got it. You just have to prove it to the rest of the world…well…to the rest of the world on Strava, which, as I noted earlier, can go #&$@ itself :wink:


Strava does this with all trainer rides.

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That’s even dumber but thanks for pointing it out. You are 100% correct. I even looked at my HM and FF and yep, Strava calls them all “lighter” than my 3 week average. :man_facepalming:t3:

Not if ALL your rides are trainer rides. :grin:

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It depends on what trainer ride you’re doing and how it compares to your outside rides because it’s all based on total silly score of course…


Cool! I do get the “fitness increased” thing on particularly challenging indoor rides like HM and FF.

Edit: also, since I’m not a “premium” Strava user I don’t see the details anyway. And yep, TSS is pretty S.

Edit 2.0: I looked back on some of my longer indoor efforts and sure enough, Strava reports they were harder than my usual efforts. So, I guess like it says on the tin, it’s relative.

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