Oscillations of displayed cadence

I have a Wahoo Kickr V5 and usually do the sufferfest workouts in ERG mode. Lately I’ve been having the problem that in the interval workouts during the recovery phases (in my case about 100W and normally 90 RPM) the displayed cadence briefly rises to about 120, although in reality I’m riding at a constant lower cadence. After a few seconds, the cadence returns to the effective value. This happens from time to time and no dependency can be detected, except that this only occurs at low wattages. The resistance of the roller remains constant. Any ideas as to what could be the cause?

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This is common due to how trainers determine cadence. Trainers don’t/can’t measure cadence directly. They infer cadence from pedaling power pulses when you push on a pedal, twice per revolution. This works OK when there are consistent significant power pulses, but when there aren’t, often at very high cadences, low power, or large changes in cadence, there simply aren’t regular power pulses for them to detect. The best solution is a dedicated cadence sensor, which can be pretty cheap, e.g. <$15 on Amazon. These will provide accurate cadence data no matter how you’re pedaling, even during single leg exercises.

I should add that if your bike has a crank or pedal based power meter, that can be paired to provide cadence data.