Outdoor tire recommendation

The outdoors has begun to beckon after my first winter of indoor training. I’m getting my bikes prepped for riding outdoors and have been thinking about which tires to purchase next. Which tires do you recommend?

I’ll outline my use and goals below. I’m moving from Montreal, QC to rural New Brunswick and thinking about getting on the larger tire bandwagon and maybe even some gravel for the rural dirt roads. I’ve had good luck with Continental tires. Currently still use tubes. Maybe one day I’ll make the switch to tubeless.

Old Specialized Roubaix - currently 25mm Continental GP 5000 (when inside, Continental indoor 23 hometrainer). use - indoor trainer and faster solo rides on rough pavement. don’t plan to change unless it can fit 28’s.

2016 Specialized Diverge A1 - currently 32mm Continental Gatorskin. use everyday commuter, wet weather, and touring/camping. would like to switch to a more gravel friendly tire but am limited by the tire clearance of 32mm, which keeps me more in the cyclocross range I think. maybe the 32mm Continental Speed King CX Racesport?

GF’s bike. 2018 Liv Avail 3 - currently stock giant tires, 25mm. use everyday commuter, weekend day rides, and touring/camping. I think it will accept up to a 28mm tire. What would be a good, all-round tire for her to keep it rolling on the pavement but accept some rougher dirt roads for camping?

For gravel/mixed riding, I’ve been a big fan of Panaracer GravelKing SKs. They handle dirt and gravel well but still feel decently fast on pavement.

Edit: also, I think I stayed flat free (doing a lot of city riding) until the rear tire starting wearing at around 4000km.


They are available up to 43mm too. I plan on replacing my current 38mm with 43mm based on the recommendation of a local gravel guru. I might mount a set of 650s with 2.1 tires so I can ride some single-track and gnar.

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I have a 2007 Specialized Roubaix (alloy wheels) and a 2014 Bianchi Infinito CV (Fulcrum Speed 40c carbon fiber wheels) and have settled in on 28mm Vittoria Corsa G2.0. I like running the lower tire pressures; handling in the wet is very good. Used to run Continentals 4000 but was never too impressed with them. My son has a 2019 Specialized Diverge in-case I feel like getting off the tarmac.


Also, be aware that 32 mm is not 32 mm on all wheels. On wheels with narrow internal width, it could be less, but for wide rims it could be much more.

I have a couple of 30 mm Challenge Strada Bianca laying around, I guess something like that would be perfect.

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What tyres are you running on the Diverge? Specialized has some amazing road tires but I’m not sure of their Gravel offerings having enough ‘grip’.

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Still has the stock tires - Pathfinder Pro - 38c. I have not ridden it much. It rides well but looking at the tread, it looks more “street friendly.”

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