Outdoor Training without power measurement

Hello to the whole community. Used google translator, sorry for the translation.He has been training with Systm since October. I am very pleased with the results of my work. Unfortunately, so far I have trained on Wahoo Kickr with power measurement. Now, how do I train with the Systm Outdoor without measuring power? Not all workouts have a heart rate range. Any advice, suggestions? Ultimately, I will buy a power meter, but it will be the middle of the season. Thank you and best regards

IMO, the best thing to do to go by RPE (Relative Perceived Exertion). HR lags quite a bit and is variable, so is secondary. If you’ve been doing workouts in SYSTM with power, you have an idea of what different power levels feel like (RPE) and will also see in your prior workouts how your HR responded. For example, if you’ve done something like the “FTP Progression 1” which has 5 six minute intervals at FTP, you should have a good idea of what FTP feels like (RPE) and you’ll also see how your HR responded, rising during each interval and also increasing interval to interval. It decreased during recovery between intervals, but to a lesser degree after each successive one.

The only regret I have about buying a power meter is not having done it way sooner.


For me I tend to pace by speed adjusting my effort and cadence by cueing off of how fast I’m breathing or how many legs are feeling. And I have a power meter.

Listen to this episode of The Knowledge: https://the-knowledge-by-wahoo-sports-science.simplecast.com/episodes/all-the-feels-why-you-should-consider-training-by-feel-rate-of-perceived-exertion-rpe

“Recent advantages in technology have made training with power or heart rate more affordable and accessible. But before we had power targets and heart rate zones, endurance athletes used to train solely by feel, also known as Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). In this episode of The Knowledge, Wahoo Sports Science coaches Dr. Jinger Gottschall and Mac Cassin discuss the benefits and limitations of taking off your heart rate monitor, unplugging your power meter, and training the good old fashioned way. Get ready to get in touch with your feelings. The doctor is in.”


For a power meter, consider the Favero Assioma pedals. Great product at a great price point.

I have them and I think they’re fantastic.


Yep. My outdoor rides are all on undulating or hilly terrain, so speed will vary all over the place for a given effort level. I lump how fast I’m breathing and how the legs are feeling as part of RPE.

For road, I second the recommendation of the Favero Assioma power pedals. They are natively Look Keo compatible (what I ride) but you can get Shimano SPD-SL versions too. On my mtb, I have crank based power.