Outdoor training with heart rate

I’m transitioning to outdoor workouts but my bike doesn’t have a power sensor. I do have a Wahoo Element Bolt and a heart rate monitor so I believe this to be my best option. I tried a Planned Workout today that was on my calendar and it came up on the Element as expected but there wasn’t a heart rate target when I was riding. The place where the number value should have been had a NA. Is this common with the outdoor workouts? What would be the best way to use the outdoor workouts in my case?

Have you linked your HRM to your bolt with the phone app??

There aren’t an HR data in the structured outdoor workouts. I asked this question when the feature first launched

RPE and following the workout instructions. e.g. sprint! is how I follow them

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Thanks for the reply. Guess I’m just going to forget about the outdoor Structured workouts and leave it to indoor trading. Spent too much time staring at the Element anyways and not enjoying the scenery.

Any thoughts on trying with just heart rate. Any apps that will help? I’m using Strava but not much direction on this type of training. I guess it’s most important to have variations in your rate (intervals) to make more useful.

@SketchtyT Use RPE to train outdoors. You may need to practice indoors 1st using the RPE scale within SYSTM. Heart rate is a lagging indicator so it isn’t as helpful. Here are links to some related threads: