Pause Subscription Without Cancelling Account

Hi guys, no doubt this has been answered many times before but how do I pause my account without cancelling all my previous activity data, etc.? This time of year I start riding outside and don’t use the app but would like to reactivate it in the Fall. Thanks!

You do nothing. Or rather, cancelling won’t harm anything. Your paid subscription grants you access to the full SYSTM library and plans. Your existing activities (and new ones from bike computers for example) continue to work without it.

To clarify, I want to stop paying my monthly subscription for now (noting I won’t have access to System), but be able to reactivate it in Fall, when I will again pay my monthly subscription fee, and not lose all my current achievements, etc. From what I understand, if I simply cancel my subscription I lose all my achievements, etc., and would need to start at square 1 when I reactivate.

My understanding is provided you re-up with the same email address your account is currently associated with, then you would not lose any of your achievements, badges etc. It is only if you delete your account that that would happen. But you can always ask the question of the minions:


I’ve done this the past few years. Nothing went away; the app still worked, I could view workouts and plans, my history was there, I just couldn’t run workouts. Once I re-upped, it was as if I never left.


Thanks Glen, I found an FAQ that show d me how to cancel my subscription while keeping my data. All’s good.


“Oops!.. I Did it Again.” Just cancelled my subscription for outdoor riding season. Outside, I don’t need SYSTM for workouts, and can’t track any thing I do (use Garmin Edge units) so I see no value. On the rare instance where I might ride the trainer during this time, I just just do something free.