Monthly/annual summaries

Is there a way to see a monthly summary of my activity, or an annual one? i.e. I completed 11 workouts, rode for 8.5 hrs, covered 223km, and burned X calories over the last month? I know there are weekly summaries but they just show time spent, and it seems oddly difficult to track my progress over time or compare it to what I did last year.
Is that deliberate? Does Wahoo just want me to live in the moment and concentrate on my next workout?

If you have even modest excel skills it is really quite easy. Download your activity by opening the Systm app, clicking on the top left icon and select MY PROFILE. The bottom of that page has an option to “Receive a copy of your activity history”.

You will get a link to download a csv file of all your activities via email. Just download and there is all your activity. I save the file as an excel file because there is more I can do with it than a csv format.

Depending on your excel skills, you can slice and dice as much as you want. I seperated out all my rides from the Rapha 500 to compare to at the end of this year. Likewise I carved out my ToS rides. There’s no limit to what you can do.

If you need help please reach out to me. Having spent most of my life in finance and taught advanced excel classes at the college level, there is a lot that can be done with the data with a bit of imagination and a little skill. Happy to help.


Thanks @Critmark! My Excel skills are very modest but I’ll play around with it and see how it goes. If I get stuck I’ll give you a shout.