Podium Models

Many of the videos end with scenes of winners on podiums, flanked by disinterested models.

Is this still a thing in the world of racing? It seems sexist as hell.

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I am happy to see the men in bow ties flanking the women podium winners in the women’s races. Turnabout is fair play.

In a number of races during the pandemic the competitors pick up their prize off the floor or a table on the podium themselves and the stage is empty. Covid may at minimum completely eliminate the kissing of the podium models and hopefully aid in removing the podium models altogether.


I love that in the Amstel Gold women’s race w the guys in bow ties (because of course the Dutch), and the podium finishers seem really happy. Then they switch to the women-in-short-dresses at the French race and the finishers are clearly…not as enthused.



Yes! That’s what made me notice it!

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Still very much a thing, FWIW.


One of the races a few years back had podium dogs (shelter dogs) that were adopted out after their appearance. I thought it was a fantastic idea.


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