Position and Power

I have two CAAD12 bikes, one for Sufferfest indoor and one for outdoor. The other day I found out that I was sitting more than one cm too much forward with my indoor bike, compared with my outdoor bike.

I adjusted the indoor bike by moving the saddle back so that my position on both bikes is identical.

I always thought (and read) that indoor power is lower for me than outdoor power but since my adjustment I m pushing almost identical power ?

Thoughts ?

In theory, there is no difference. However, indoor cycling, on a static bike, is different.

For one, your NP will be closer, if not identical, to the average power, which outdoors hardly ever is the case.

So, on the average indoor workout, the intensity and strain of a static position, make it harder.

Cooling and hydration are another factor, for longer workouts, other sustenance might be influencing performance too.

I guess that if you train (long enough) indoor for an outdoor ~1 hour ITT, on a TT bike in that position, you will eventually see the numbers are the same.

Most of us don’t, which is why many people adjust the numbers for indoor training.

Hi @ArnoKOS - your position/fit on a given bike can definitely impact your power production, even something like one model of saddle to another, even if all fit dimensions are the same. That being said, even if your position is the exact same on your indoor bike and outdoor bike, it’s still possible to see some differences in your indoor power versus outdoor power. Generally speaking, we tend to see the biggest difference in NM power and the least difference in FTP power for outdoors versus indoors. Some folks have identical indoor/outdoor FTP though others can see a 5-10% difference and still be considered “normal” in that respect. The type of rider you are, the kind of trainer that you’re on, and other factors can contribute to these differences. @Coach.Mac.C has a great article below going into some of the additional factors to consider, and it’s worth a read. Hope that helps!