Possible decline in Lactate Threshold HR (LTHR)

I have been able to increase my LTHR successfully over the last year through SFest. All 4 my 4DP dimensions increased very well, although FTP lagged the increases of the other dimensions. I have been advised to improve my strength training to improve my FTP, i.e doing more of the low cadence strength exercises/videos. These low cadence videos demands much lower HR ranges than the usual high cadence high intensity videos I have done up to now. Previously, with the recommended high cadence high intensity videos, my avg HR in the workouts were approximately 80-85% of my max HR. Currently now with the low cadence strength videos it requires only between 70-75% of my max HR. Question - will continuing with low cadence strength training not now reduce my LTHR to previous (pre SFest ) levels?

I’m no coach but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. In my personal experience I’ve seen FTP improvements over the past 6 weeks of doing the all purpose road plan, while my LTHR has dropped from 174 to 168. You might see a slight decrease in LTHR I think that depends on the individual, but the benefits of those strength gains will probably out way the lower LTHR.

Low cadence workouts can also be very misleading because you rely way more on your muscles and not so much on your aerobic engine. In my experience HR will naturally be lower during these kinds of workouts as opposed to doing work at 90+ RPM. So even though the workout isn’t that hard on the heart it’s excellent for the force you can produce.

Thank you for your advice, it makes a lot of sense!