Post covid routine

Hi guys,

Been using systm since november last year and i have to admit it really got to me. Ik used other platforms for a year (started cycling november 2020), but they really didn’t cut it for me
The movies,humoristic texts and community really work to keep me motivated.

4 weeks ago i got covid (not that bad, just a cold) but i’m still strugling with it. After a month i’m still far away from my condition and fitness i was pre covid. Since i got it i didn’t ride on the trainer through Lack of motivation. Did some outside rides and really didn’t feel that good. The power in my legs is still there, but when i go deep my heart rate shoots through the roof and i struggle to get the air in my lungs. So now i’m just doing short rides in Z1 & 2.
End of july i’m going to the Provence on Vacation for 2 weeks And my cycling goal for this year was la Cannibale: ±170km +5000elevatio’mn meters (2 times mont Ventoux and some more smaller climbs). Normally i would start the mountainous fondo training plan on monday, but i’m afraid i’m not recuperated enough to do it at the Powers i had pre Corona.

What do you guys advice?
I can downgrade the workouts or do a new 4dp test (not looking forward to that given i’m still not recuperated).
I don’t want to sit around and do nothing because i’m afraid i’ll lose all of my fitness. Also i’m not that good with food and if i don’t sport, i get into the habit of eating bad. When i’m working out i really make sure to eat the right nutrients.

Should i just do the workout shedule downgraded or is there a better Alternative trainingplan?
It’s not that i can’t do anything (rode 90km this afternoon just fine) i just don’t want to go to deep given my heart rate will be al over the place…


There’s a thread on this. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

Edit: there’s quite a few actually so it would be worth your time to do a search.
Here is one for reference

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Covid is unpredictable and insidious. You may have experienced mild short lived sickness but Covid can do serious long-term damage nevertheless, things like heart inflammation and lung damage. Probably best to get a thorough workup from a doctor before pushing it.


I just came across the following in another forum.

A quick heads up on post Covid Lungs. I thought I had post covid lungs, and maybe a bit of exercise induced asthma after the infection. it turns out that I was among the small number of folks who develop clots post covid (4 or so out of 1,000). I ended up being hospitalized with several pulmonary emboli (these are blood clots that get trapped in the pulmonary arteries) 8 weeks after what seemed like a mild case of Covid. A small number of people develop blood clots in response to respiratory infections, Covid19 in particular. If you have what you think are Covid lungs, have it checked out. Don’t wait until it becomes life threatening. There is a simple blood test to check the level of protein fragments that are the result of your body breaking up blood clots ( D-dimer ). If this test is elevated your doc will prescribe a dye enhanced cat scan of your lungs, an echocardiogram and an ultrasound look at your body’s major veins. The Cat scan will be used to look for emboli. The echocardiogram will be used to determine if there is stress being placed on your heart due to blockages in your pulmonary arteries and the untra-sound looks for other clots that might find their way to your lungs. Yes, they are expensive diagnostic procedures, but they could save your life.

From scientific reading and personal experience it is best to be cautious. The effect on the heart is becoming better understood but with HR getting elevated higher than would be expected it’s worth getting a doctors opinion.
I had it over a month ago and took an extra 2 weeks off after I test negative to play it safe. Started riding, easy but HR still high. Endurance is coming back and HR decreasing for Z2 efforts. However, I’ve experience heart palpitations and stoppages to have had to stop and am getting tests done this week. I’ve heard other similar stories from other riders so it’s worth being cautious. In the long run they have all been fine