Post Covid: Where do I go from here?

I’ve been a Sufferlandrian for about 4 years now, but I’m finding it mentally tough to get back into it at the moment.

Between home schooling and work commitments my Suffering suffered. And then I got Covid in Feb.

Since then I’ve been easing myself in with the inspiration rides.

My notional FTP was 270W, but I had to bail on Crescendo halfway after 8 minutes at 220W - it’s hard to tell how much of this is due to covid, and how much to de-training…

I guess I need to visit the doctor (as we used to say) and get FF done to get an idea of my new numbers - but I REALLY don’t want to let go of my old numbers! Plus I’m not sure doing a FF is a smart move given the Covid.

My question to you all is how would you handle this situation? Have you experienced something similar?

Maybe level mode, turn off power display and ride to RPE?
Maybe Half Monty to get a new FTP and MAP baseline?
Maybe a memorial service for my old numbers, followed by a FF in black bibs and shirt? :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards taking the bike off the trainer and just focusing on outdoor riding until I feel my fitness is back to a reasonable level and I can suffer again - do you think there’s a role for SUF during this period? Or should I just shut up shop on the indoor training until I’m fit enough again?

I feel like I’m pretty much starting from the beginning again - so, I’d love to hear from anyone who literally went from Couch to Sufferlandrian - that sounds pretty daunting, and kudos to those who have!

Thanks for joining me on the 5 stages of grief for what I used to be capable of. Time to accept it and move on!

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Renewing a comment I left elsewhere: dream of where you want to be, start from where you are. I guess that would also apply to where you were. Simple fact is, whatever your numbers were, they’re on the scrap-heap now, with the time off and infection. (Most importantly, glad you’re ok and recovering from COVID. Scary stuff for anyone!)

Speaking seriously/medically, given your infection and time off, I would no-joke consider consulting with a physician for - at a minimum - a workup of your cardiorespiratory system. COVID plays hell with your CRS, and its effects linger, even with a “full” recovery (see also long covid). I don’t know your age, demographic, nationality, etc., but obtaining medical clearance before launching back into SUFF is a sound idea.

Good luck and be well!


Common question, really good info in this old thread Back to physical activity after Covid19 infection


Ah, thanks for the link to the thread. I admit I didn’t use the search function! Rookie error

I think you’re probably getting the advice you need, but I want to chime in with some encouragement. I had COVID twice: once in November, and again in January. It really broke me physically and mentally. I really, really did not want to redo full frontal! I was so afraid of where my numbers were. I did a lot of inspiration videos, did a couple of favorite workouts at whatever intensity I could muster, and then I approached FF as just another workout. I promised myself that I would not keep the numbers. I just wanted to remember what it felt like. But then, after I was finished, the thought of ever having to do it again made me decide to keep my rubbish numbers and train from there. Now I’m starting the gravel grinder 200 plan. It’s hard, but I’m doing well at it. It’s just what I needed to make me feel like a real cyclist again. So be patient with yourself. You’ll come back!