Advice - Returning to exercise

Hi all. Up until the end of October I was a regular cyclist and Sufferfest/SYSTM user but was then clobbered by COVID followed a bereavement in the family which have both just knocked the energy and motivation out of me. I’m keen to get back on the bike but am wondering whether I should start with the Ramp Up, or Fitness Kickstarter plan, and whether I should reduce my power or just pick up from where I left off and suffer a bit more!
Any advice? Thanks!

Do what feels right. You sound like you were very fit 2 months ago, so it probably won’t take that long to rebuild. You could start with the Kickstarter, but if that’s too easy, cancel the plan and upgrade. Once you’ve got a week or two of spinning, do Half Monty to reset numbers and Full Frontal when you’re ready for the pain.

Good luck.

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Sympathies and good thoughts @Carl_Brooks. Glad you’re getting back to “keen to get back on the bike.”

My two cents (pence?) would be do a warmup and knock out a HM over the weekend to get a base FTP to work from, then do the Kickstarter with the new HM - maybe adjusting if your fitness exceeds your initial numbers, and then FF at the end of the kickstarter.

But mainly just want to encourage and wish you the best. It’s tough to bounce back after life jumps on you.


@Carl_Brooks I suffered in the wrong way at the start of the year. Off the bike for several MONTHS. First, start back with some recovery rides to get used to being on the trainer. No more than a week. Then visit the Pain Parlour for a Half. This will give you some idea of where you are TODAY. Then do the Kickstarter. At the end, revisit the Pain Parlour again for the Full treatment. If you are ‘dragging’, think about all those who cannot do what we are doing. Many are still suffering after months from COVID and some other physical aliments. And it helps that you are keen to ride again. Welcome back.

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