Power Match. AGAIN

So I know there are other threads out there about this, but hoping to refresh as some are pretty old. I am new to systm, coming from both trainerroad and zwift. Does anyone have some advice on reading power from a kickr snap and assioma uno pedals? I tried using the snap for control and the pedals for power, but it constantly puts me way over target.

I’m thinking about just using the pedals and running the snap in level mode. Frustrating to have to do that with a $500 trainer.

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I have a kickr core and there is a setting within the Wahoo app to use a power meter as it’s power source. I am not sure if that setting exists for the kickr snap. Using this eliminates the need to use power matching in TrainerRoad, SYSTM, Zwift, etc. since it is already performing a “power match” within the hardware.

Cool I’ll try it out. Does it work within systm? For some reason I thought that only worked within the wahoo app.

It should work in any app. As far as I can tell once you change that setting the trainer always uses your power meter to set power instead of the internal power source for the trainer. Maybe someone here can confirm…

Awesome, thank you. I will try it out tonight… Have revolver on the schedule. Really appreciate the input.

@McCarthyRyD I was also asking about Power Match for use with my Kickr Snap and 4iiii PM a few weeks ago.

The “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” option in the Wahoo app is available for the Snap, but doesn’t work (it only works with direct drive Kickrs). See here for the discussion:

It seems strange that Wahoo aren’t planning on implementing Power Match in SYSTM… it’s standard in most other indoor training apps and there still seems to be enough people wanting the feature.

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I use the the “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” option in the Wahoo app on my original Kickr. It however doesnt seem to work reliably. If I open the Wahoo app first and connect to the Kickr and then open Systm it seems to work. My Kickr is 8 years old so power drifts alot depending on the temperature so this could be a related issue.

Interesting. I tried it out last night and it seemed to make a difference. I only used it during the warm up though, so maybe it was just easy enough that it didn’t matter.

I will keep trying it out though. Thanks for the input.


Is your PM single-sided? If so, try single leg pedalling with the opposite side & see if it registers power or not.

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Ha good point! It is single sided. I’ll test that out also.

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I did confirm today, pedaling with my right leg only showed 0 watts.

Seems that it is working for me on my kickr snap? Or I’m clueless.

Nope, that would seem to confirm that it is working with the snap.

Yeah that shows SYSTM is displaying the power from your PM then.

Could you confirm how you’ve setup SYSTM to connect to your devices? SYSTM is set to use the Snap for power?
(with the “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” option, you’d connect to the Snap, but that would be sending power from your PM).

It’d be worth posting a screenshot of the Devices box when you’ve got things connected.

Ok I think I lied. It did not work last night. I even unconnected everything and retried connecting within the wahoo app. If it did work the first time, it’s not consistent enough to rely on.

To use ERG mode in SYSTM with a Kickr Snap it looks like the only option is to use the Snap power.

After using the Factory Spindown, my Snap isn’t a million miles away from my 4iiii PM now, so it’s not the end of the world there’s no PowerMatch. Would be nice to have though.

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