Power match

I know it’s being worked on, along with all the other cool stuff Suff HQ is working on, but any idea when power matching might arrive? I tried it in beta earlier this year and for me it worked great, and was so useful over the winter months as my trainer can be out 10w+ when the ambient temperature is cold.

It’s not a worry this week though :sunglasses:

Hi @Alistair_Brown thanks for being one of our beta testers for the power match feature.

We had to temporarily suspend the beta testing for power match as we had some other very big challenges for our app development team and needed to redistribute our resources.

This feature is definitely still on our wish list for future development but we don’t have a date yet as to when this might be available. Thanks for your patience!


Any update on the development @ellisa.podemski ?


Even if there wasn’t a power match feature, a ‘smart trainer offset’ function would be useful. By that I meant the ability to alter the power requested by the suf app by a certain percentage (ie the same as altering your metrics in app, but without the displayed target changing).

When it gets cold my Direto ends up over reading meaning that while I have a target of say 200w I end up doing 190w according to my power meter. I can alter my metrics so that I ride at 200w but then the displayed power target is up to 210w. It’s then frustrating to know where the power you are doing during the workout is correct or not. If there was a way to alter the smart trainer % but not the displayed target then it would be an easy workaround.


These features are really starting to hurt Sufferfest in comparison to the majority of other available training platforms. This feels like a key feature, let alone the lack of an android app.

Is there somewhere users can track the development time of these features rather than being promised they are on their way to wait years?

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I’m probably being naive but what happens if you set the power source as your power meter and trainer control as the trainer?

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The power on screen is from the power meter, but the trainer is controlled based on the trainers power readings ie if your power meter reads 10w higher than your trainer, and your target is 200w, you’ll being doing 210w according to your power meter.

I’m definitely missing the point here. I’ll do a bit more reading up on the subject.

Basically choosing the power source as a power meter will change the power displayed on screen but won’t change the power you are producing.

For example if the suf wants you to do 200w, your trainer will alter resistance to make you hit 200w. That power reading comes from the trainer. If you have a separate power meter, there can be a difference between the trainer and power meter. Generally it’s good to use the same power source inside and outside to remove that variable. Let’s say your trainer and power meter read differently by 10w, and that 200w on your trainer is actually 210w on your power meter. Currently in the app if you change the power source to your power meter the app will still ask for 200w but the app will show you as doing 210w as that’s what your power meter is telling it. If powermatch was possible the app would feed that back to the trainer and it would reduce resistance so that you were doing 200w according to your power meter.

Hope that makes sense.


Thanks Alistair. I’m following that better now.
I have BePro power meter pedals and a Kickr Core. From what I observe both give very similar readings.

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+1 for please add Power Match. It’s been 5 years now guys. It hurts worse than The Revolver to see more yoga & strength features added while this is ignored.

We don’t all have the latest Kickr or Tacx Neo. My 6 year old wheel-on trainer is awful accuracy-wise (+10% to +20%) but I wouldn’t need to constantly work around that if you had Power Match.


The main reason I didn’t subscribe after my free trial was the lack of a power match capability. My Zumo trainer reads 9% lower than my Assioma Duo pedals. Yes I know I could adjust by pedals to match the trainer but it would throw out all my historical data and the ride Kj’s would be up the swany. I really liked the platform and wondered if there is a realistic chance that this feature will be introduced in the near future.


Xert does that on their iOS App. It’s a simple solution to the lack of power match. The only issue is if the percentage variance changes with intensity. But even it is does, being incorrect in a certain intensity zone by say 3% is certainly better than being out all the time by 7-10%


Agree that Power Match is long overdue. I have rarely been using the cycling workouts lately because of this which is quite a shame as the are, uh, enjoyable. Please Sufferfest, get on it!


@ellisa.podemski Any news on Powermatch yet?


Sorry I know I’m still new here, but I presume this feature is still being worked on, are we likely to see it this year?

Sadly there’s no plan to include power match at all now, on the basis smart trainers now are almost a match for power meters. I doubt Shane Miller would agree but it is what it is. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was a way to scale a smart trainer a few % without altering the power targets.


That’s unfortunate hopefully however we can still look forward to getting an android app.

Can certainly look forward to that!!

Hi all

I was pushing for this too as my kickr1’s PM died…

I have found that pairing the kickr to my vectors in the wahoo app and then just reading from the kickr in the sufferfest app worked?

Do many other trainers offer this too?

I also have elite neros and they do it too.