Power match

That’s unfortunate hopefully however we can still look forward to getting an android app.

Can certainly look forward to that!!

Hi all

I was pushing for this too as my kickr1’s PM died…

I have found that pairing the kickr to my vectors in the wahoo app and then just reading from the kickr in the sufferfest app worked?

Do many other trainers offer this too?

I also have elite neros and they do it too.

Really? No plan to power match at all?

My original kickr is a right pain in the winter. Under power by massive amounts, then as it warms up coming back up to where it should be, then overshooting so I can end up at 80% and still spot on where I should be according to pedals.

Thankfully I have an ipad so I dual play all the workouts. ipad stays where it should be, showing what I should be getting and displaying the power from my crank/pedals. Laptop gets adjusted up or down to manually match. It’s not ideal, but does mean that if I’m feeling good I can ramp it up and smash my legs.

Not sure if a power match would cope with a 150-80% range in a 1 hour workout!!

I borrowed a friends turbo though, and this was very consistent and close to those from my pedals. Just I don’t fancy spending out another £600+ when it isn’t really needed…

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According to the August update on the next version of the app, there are no plans for power match. I have a Direto and it’s power can be out in winter. It’s a pain altering the targets as you’re never quite sure what you should be doing. I don’t really want to have to run iPad and computer as a work around. A manual trainer offset should surely be possible without too much trouble, if power matching is being shelved?

I agree. It’s like they think Sufferfest exists in a vacuum and that it is the only thing out there. As to the comment about the how accurate turbos now are they ought to read comments on other forums or get out more. Not everyone can or wants to afford a top end turbo.


Finally an Android version but hopefully they do power match with all the requests being sent to them. This was the game changer for me, hopefully they add this feature soon

Hi - please see @David.McQuillen.KoS uodate here on power match just in case Alistair’s prev post in the thread is too long ago

Thanks and will still try the Android version once its up. My Samsung Note 10 has a ton of free storage space so finally my plans of knighthood will hopefully be a reality soon :) i guess you they are correct - extra feature means extra cost on their end and might jack up the monthly as well if this happens. i do not have issues with cold temps if this affects trainers like my elite direto - i live a little above the equator so its summer all the time here lol


the accuracy of smart trainers reaching pretty much the same levels of power meters

That’s a weird thing to say. As far as I know you’re still selling the Kickr SNAP and it’s still the option for a wheel-on trainer. Do you really think that’s an accurate statement there?

I was really surprised to not see any power matching support, IMHO this makes SufferFe, I mean, SYSTM not usable in ERG mode.

Also, I don’t know how you do it, but for time trials/triathlons I very much do pace with my power meter, not my smart trainer. So I need to reference to the power from the power meter.

Edit: Ah yes, and power match also removes the need to stop every ride after 10 minutes to re-calibrate, which is pretty much a requirement with the SNAP. That’s a huge quality of life improvement, which SYSTM doesn’t support, unlike the competition :frowning_face:


Quite an old post, but if you’re using a Wahoo trainer (Kickr Snap by the sounds of it) you can use the wahoo app (not Systm) to make your trainer take power readings from a separate PM. It’s not powermatch through the Systm app, it’s directly linking the PM to your trainer, then the trainer reports power to Systm in the usual way. Bye bye spin down, bye bye separate source of power for indoors/outdoors. I do this with my assiomas and Kickr core and it works a dream. Open the wahoo app, connect your trainer, and look through the settings for using external PM.

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:warning: Does not apply to them Kickr Snap.

Wahoo says it does. Applies to Kickr, Core & Snap.

(Same method for Android too btw, not just iOS)

Yes, I know what their documentation says … Unfortunately, the Minions confirmed this information is incorrect. Only applies to the Kickr Direct Drive trainer models.

I had tried to get it set up but it doesn’t work unless you use the Wahoo Fitness app to control the trainer.

That’s odd - have you asked wahoo directly? Seems like it’s a query for them as opposed to the minions. As far as System knows, it’s a snap providing power data and shouldn’t affect the software.

Looks like it worked for this person, and they have a snap.

:man_shrugging: The Minion had apparently spoken with the Wahoo product manager to confirm this.

They are one and the same, now

Understood, but it’ll be different teams dealing with the trainers to those dealing with Systm. I’m suggesting it’s the former that should be consulted about queries to do with features of the trainer, especially if it seems to work with the Snap for some people and the manufacturer literature says it should work.

Yes. My point was, as @jfc mentioned, the minions have direct access to the correct people internally now. Therefore, asking a minion a Wahoo question will get the right answer immediately (that is my understanding and expectation).

Just seems to me that asking the product manufacturer team directly, and not via an affiliated team (even if the same company) is worth a shot given the feature seems to work for some on the Snap.

This feature of control w/power meter was the reason I chose the Core, and I’d have been pretty annoyed if an advertised feature didn’t work!