PowerTap P1 & Sufferfest

Hey all. I’ve been riding to Sufferfest vids for years, but never with any gear syncing/smart training. For Xmas I got a power meter finally (some used powertap p1s), and am going through the process of trying to figure out how to use them with the app.

After fooling with it for over an hour tonight - I finally just went ahead and did Full Frontal - with 1/2 power - as that is all that I’m learning Sufferfest can read.

Obviously my results are inaccurate. Is there any way to edit those results? It’s looking like there is no way around NOT getting (eventually) a smart trainer. Currently have an old Kurt Kinetic. Not super keen on dropping 500 for a new one just to get accurate data to the app workouts. UGH.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t speak for using the PowerTap P1 - the Minions should be able to help you there - but I’ve been using a dumb trainer with Garmin Vector 3S pedals for a while now and haven’t discovered any reason to upgrade to a smart trainer.

As long as your numbers are consistent, it doesn’t matter if the absolute numbers are inaccurate for the indoor training - it just won’t be comparable to any outdoor numbers.

You’re probably best leaving the FF results as they are and accept that the numbers will always show ~half of what you’re doing. If you manually double them then the targets will be “right” but the power numbers will be wrong relative to them during a workout.

As an aside, single sided P1s has reported half power for at least two years, since support for the dual sided came in. No idea whether this is an app issue or a Powertap issue or why it can’t be fixed (or what the workaround is if it can). Not that I have one, just know somebody that does and they never found a solution.

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yeah this is what my husband is trying to tell me.

but i couldn’t hit the targets it was giving me for power - i assumed they were total power and not in consideration of my ACTUAL 1/2 power readings…so i ignored it mostly. but my hubs said i should have been hitting it. lol.

Just FYI, I use PowerTap P1 pedals and a dumb trainer. Like @titanicus, I have not experienced any real issues which makes it tough to justify the outlay for a smart trainer.

One thing you might want to do though is check the “settings” when you start a workout and display the “devices” to see what’s connected. It’s possible that just one of your pedals is connecting rather than the “bike power” connection which combines both of them.

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can you share a screenshot of what that looks like for you? when i get on - i can only sync one pedal. it wont show connectivity for the other at all. so you are saying there has been a workaround for you - getting your power loaded to the app?

i was thinking of getting an inride power sensor to add to our old ass kurt kinetic and have that do that job. and just hope the power is comparable to my ptap garmin readings.

Perhaps there is something different in my set up, but anyway here is what I see. Although it says CylceOps the power sensor ID as per my Garmin computer is # 42080 as shown. Also you can see that it is connecting via the Ant+ stick I have plugged into my computer… maybe that is something you need? I remember for a time my Ant+ stick wasn’t working and at that time I found that the pedals would indeed make a connection via Bluetooth but only one of them could connect at a time (which seems to be the challenge you are having). I hope you get this solved.

yup. i did see the PLL and PLR up there briefly. but only one would connect. ive got a ‘help ticket’ in also…i was thinking for awhile maybe i just had the single sided. but i have verified - they are the original dual P1’s.

i have just ordered a ANT+ dongle, which i did not have. hoping maybe that helps…

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Been using P1 pedals forever, but the traditional 2 sided ones.
If I use BLE I can see each individual pedal, while if I use ANT+ I can just see “power”.
If you are not doing it already, I suggest you use ANT+

Update: just seen later that you have the normal dual sided. So, no problem there…

Over Bluetooth you can only connect one pedal. Power tap don’t combine the power from both pedals into one Bluetooth signal, each pedal is transmitted separately. I’d suggest you get an ANT+ dongle - the power readings are combined over ANT+.