Power measurement difference between SYSTM and Sufferfest?

OK, so I only did one workout so far in SYSTM - I’ve been delaying getting back on the trainer. I simply did an open 60. I am using Kurt Kinetic Road Machine with a speed sensor and virtual power. This is the same setup I used last year (and even a bit in the summer) with Sufferfest app. Working out at a low power level today; it was showing 75-90 W at an effort level that should have been 120-160W in the old app. Anyone else experience this? Maybe I need to run the old app to check?

Just confirmed it. Kurt Kinetic app showed 160w today at the same instant as SYSTEM showed 90W. Luckily it is recovery/base stuff so the power isn’t too important now but I need to get it fixed before I do real work. ANyone see this before? Otherwise I’ll just write a support ticket :slight_smile:

@jackriddle2 Have you checked your wheel size setting in both apps?

You probably have, but just checking that you’ve gone through the calibration process, have fully inflated tires, and have checked firmware updates on the machine and app updates on the app.

Also, SYSTM doesn’t always update automatically, so you might also want to download and reinstall it.

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yes, same; and I’m looking for a 40%+ difference!

Interesting that I had just downloaded it for the first time; less than a week later, it does tell me an update is available. Haven’t done that yet but I will!