StagesBike SB20 power not reading

StagesBike SB20 connects and reads cadence but not power (just says 0 W) with new SYSTMapp. Never had any issues with the old Sufferfest app.

Have tried disconnecting/reconnecting bike in the SYSTM app but get same results. Firmware on StagesBike is up to date.

Anyone have similar issues?


I have similar issue with my Magene T300 trainer. It is controllable under ERG mode(resistance changes across sessions), but the watt number won’t read, it shows “- -” in the panel. The only thing I can do now is to use my laptop with ANT+

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Hi there, same Applies to me. Nothing to be seen, 0 power and cadence is incorrectly shown. It doens’t matter if I use the iPhone or ipad. On the ipad though, the icon of the app is still in the sufferfest style. Hopefully this is quickly cleared!

I also have this issue with my Stages Sb20.

As a workaround, I connect my left pedal with the app and let that one be responsible for power and cadence.

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That give only 50% watts though

Did a full ERG mode workout with this fix and it seems fine.

Not sure if it’s doubling the left power reading or if the the left is acting as master (that’s how the Stages LR meters work when used on a non-trainer bike) but it’s definitely not reading 50%.

Yes, I think the right pedal just gives out 50%,but if you pair the left pedal you get 100% of your power transferred. But I’m also clueless, if it’s just doubling the left power meter or acting as master.

Yep same issue here today. Used to enjoy Sufferfest but I gave up on the SYSTM trial today because I can’t be bothered to mess around trying workarounds. There are other apps out there that work fine all the time.

I could connect the left crank power to get a power reading and the erg was set by connecting the bike device. But the power was all over the place and it was impossible ride.

Disappointing… this worked great in the good old days.

As some other SB20 owners have noted, I was able to resolve in two ways. First, by using an ANT+ connection and the MacOS SYSTM app to connect with the main bike signal.

Second, I was also able to connect to the iOS SYSTM app using the left-side stages power meter for power and cadence combined with the main bike signal for EGR only. Both signals use BLE.

In both cases, there are still a few issues. Issue 1: variability in cadence. When I’m holding a cadence of 90rpm, as reported by the Stages link app and my Wahoo Bolt, SYSTM is reporting a lot of variability, anywhere from 86 to 95 RPM. There is more variability using BLE with the iOS App than Ant+ using the MacOS app.

Issue 2: I get similar variability in power, but not to the same error level as with cadence. When testing, I’m using my Wahoo Bolt in EGR mode and just having SYSTM just record power.

Issue 3: When using EGR mode via the SYSTM app, both iOS and ANT+, changes in power level, up or down, are a second or two slower than with the Sufferfest iOS app.

I’ve shared this with the minions.

So do I have a few issues yes. Can I use Sufferfest (sorry SYSTM) and get a good workout, yes. There are growing pains with any new app, and I’m confident the minions will figure it out. Nothing like comfy nail chairs to focus their concentration.

Yes, similar issues. Unplugged bike. Logged out of all apps. Plugged bike back in. Logged back into Stages Link, confirmed bike working, put in External mode. On to SYSTM … paired bike, but usally don’t see power. Try all kinds of things. Best ride sufferfest on the screen, but bike in LEVELS not connected to SYSTM at all. Other rides using prescribed settings (SB20 in ext, manage to get power to display) start ok, though clearly not reading power meters correctly, then after 5 minutes in SYSTM as SUF asks for more power it becomes virtually impossible to turn cranks … pedals in concrete boots. I am baffled. Going to try Zwift to isolate culprit.

One of my last attempts (trying to repeat a successful workaround) left one crank reporting zero watts. Had to unpower everything! Probably going to follow DDD and give up on the trial, watch the forum for signs of solution. I love the Sufferfest, love SYSTM in principal, but too much work. I only have an hour or two to work out.

I have the SB20 and I have only successfully got everything working on SYSTM by not connecting to the Stages Link. If you can live with that until there is a fix that might be the best option. If I don’t connect to Link, I can connect to the bike, my hr monitor, the left crank for power/cadence. Works on ERG and Level (but obviously you don’t see where you are with gearing.

Very helpful!!! I tried the same (w/ERG) and had a trouble free ride. Will check Level next. Bike/App combo still seem slow to change resistance. Working on getting knack for hitting cadence; take care dropping cadence - resistance will multiply!

Do we know when the fix will drop? I researched the SB20 and all was good with Sufferfest. I’m sure the W are dropping into the Cadence box on screen. A very frustrating 2 hours last night. I will try the L side workaround. We need a stable bike at home as my wife has balance issues so no rocking sadly.

Are there any official estimates when does might get fixed? The workaround really is a workaround as all the One-Foot-Drills for example are not possible, because if there’s no power applied to the left pedal, there’s no power reading.

Looks like it’s fixed in v7.15.0 for iOS. Everything seems to be working normally again.

Just tried it with v 7.15 on Android and it seems to be fixed as well.

BIG thanks to everybody involved in fixing this one!

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So we can direct connect again?!?! Awesome!

Now can someone fix why Stages Link forgets my bike half the time and takes a million tries to reconnect? Awful

Did “Do as you are told” today in EGR mode. The first set of intervals were connected to the SB20 for power and cadence. Second set of intervals were connected to the left power meter for power and cadence. The only difference I noticed was a 2-3 second greater delay in resistance catching up to where suf wanted it to be when the SB20 signal was used for power/cadence. My thanks to the minions for improving the app and letting us directly connect to the SB20 again.

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Same noramally under old sufferfest,after consolidating in SYSTM ,it’s been months but no fix