Speed doesn't seem to adjust properly

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I did two simple workouts, The Open 30 and Open 40 and I noticed in both cases the speed doesn’t seem to be reflected properly in the SYSTM display. It always stayed on 15.8 MPH and even though I changed gears to increase the speed, the cadence increased and the wattage increased but the the speed always went back to 15.8 MPH. It went up occasionally but came down again. I had it set to the default ERG mode. I also tried to increase the percentage up to 110% to see if the speed would change and it acted the same. I also connected with the Wahoo app on my IPHONE and did a spindown to see if that would fix it. Is there a new setting or so I go something else? My Wahoo Kickr is at the latest firmware and I am running SYSTM on my MAC, macOS Big Sur 11.6, SYSTM 7.2.2. Thanks in Advance!

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Might be worth contacting the minions but if you’re on ERG mode, if you change gear the resistance will alter to keep your power the same, so your ‘speed’ won’t alter. Are you using Suf speed or speed readings supplied by a sensor?

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I set the speed sensor to come off of the Wahoo Kickr and also tried Suf speed, same results. What your saying makes sense but before I upgraded to SYSTM the speed would increase when I changed gears and altered the % ERG mode +110%, +120%… the speed would increase…

I’ll try a different workout to see if I can work it out.

Thanks for your reply!


Definitely try a different workout as in ERG on the open vids its a constant. You could also try not using ERG mode to see if the speed varies. It is usually recommended that you use the SUF speed rather than trainer speed to get the most accurate simulation of speed.

Also, WELCOME to the forums! Soooo much great info here. Also also, if you are having any tech issues, or app issues it might be worth reaching out to The Minions. Best.Support.Anywhere.https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I’ve noticed this as well. It’s only an issue with NoVids activities. The data doesn’t seem to be internally consistent either, as the data during my workout will turn out being different upon conclusion of the workout. This was not an issue prior to the app update.