Power meter disconnected

I use a Stages power meter on a dumb trainer for my workouts and the app (on windows) keeps disconnecting the power meter. It happened 2 times this week. Everything goes well and about 40 minutes in the workout, the app suddenly can’t see the power meter. The problem is not with the power meter as I can see it still connected via Bluetooth on my laptop and if I turn on my Elemnt Bolt, I can see my watts there. Very frustrating. Am I alone? I really appreciate the app but this (and the down server without explication) is the kind of thing that can make me switch back to another platform.

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I think I read somewhere that you may be better with Ant+ when you use Windows rather than Bluetooth. But, that would require an Ant+ USB dongle, and an extension cord to bring the dongle near your cranks.

If that isn’t an option, you might want to try putting in a new battery on the PM.

If none of that works, then you may want to reach out to the minions for help:

Edit: I should add that there are lots of things that can interfere with a Bluetooth signal so it may be worth doing a little trouble shooting there too (but for my money, the first thing I’d do is put in a new battery). Here is a couple things to check on for interference:

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