Power on screen not synching to trainer + power drops

Hi folks,

I did the Team Scream last night (ERG), and for the first time, I had some issues where the power on screen wasn’t matching my trainer (or vice versa)… EG the power was supposed to drop from 270 odd back to ~130, but it stayed up at 270 for an extra 5 seconds. It also happened the other way - i.e. stayed low for an extra 5 seconds or so after the power on the screen had jumped up.

Also - for the past 3 or so weeks, I have been experiencing micro power drops - similar to this thread: Power and cadence drops

Do I need a re-install?

@The_Nick For some trainers it is normal to have a delay between the start and end of power increases and decreases. You can fix that by switching to level mode for intervals and switch back for recovery or endurance pace work.

The dips in cadence and power sound like interference. Check around to see what else may be trying to connect to your trainer or sending a signal that could be problematic.

Also reach out to the minions for assistance.

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Depends on your trainer and communication method. My Tacx Flux doesn’t react very well on ANT+, but is better on BT. And there are known issues with the Flux range at the moment.

Hi…so I had a bit of a revelation… I think somehow my kickr had started transmitting via ANT+ recently. No idea why.
I turned off the bluetooth on my laptop & turned it back on and reconnected the trainer. My last two sessions have had zero dropouts, so I am crossing my fingers that the problem may have been solved.

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