First ride with disappointing app/equipment performance

Hi, I wanted to try out the app and chose a quick 20 min Max effort Interval Workout. On the Screenshot you can see, that the first two intervals stopped around 10 sec short and dropped back to recovery wattage. Then number 3 and 4 went over well and number 5 only had on spike of wattage and then back to baseline. On the second set of intervals it didn’t go much better. First one was short, 2nd and 3rd ok, and then 4th and 5th didn’t register at all.

Is that expected behaviour? Computer was about 2m away from the trainer. And it seemed there was a connection at all times. Change in cadence was reported quickly (most of the time) to the screen.

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Welcome to the forums. That’s not an ideal first experience so, nope, that is not expected behaviour. I suggest you contact the minions for support so they can review your specific circumstances (equipment used, settings etc).


Hi @jppt and welcome!

That profile looks familiar to something I experienced a little while ago. Is there a change that you had another unit trying to control your trainer? Bike computer, phone app or other computer app?

Use the link Sir Glen posted - the minions are generally very quick with support.


Hi, thanks for the quick replies. I turned my ELEMNT off after the first minute. Maybe my mobile was still trying to connect. I’ll try with Bluetooth turned off there next time.


When I first started out, and the Minions sorted out my setup, I do recall having any other Wahoo apps or BT connections trying to grab signal from SUFF were taboo. I use the Wahoo app for my trainer spindown on my phone, then kill the BT connection before starting up SYSTM.

Another question I didn’t see posed (or answered) - did you download the vid ahead of time, or try to stream?

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So sorry you had issues there jppt. With situations like this, there is usually some kind of interference. We can help you troubleshoot it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Could you drop us a line so that our team can help you out?


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Disabling BT on iPhone worked.

Also as an indicator that that is the problem, the periodic (small) spikes in the flat wattage area seem to work.

Although my mind likes the proper equipment performance, my body isn’t quite sure if this is an improvement…

With BT active on phone:


And with BT devices deactivated:

(Sorry for the 2nd post, I can only put one embedded image in a single post)


It will become sure over time, although it will never stop complaining.

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BLE interference is a common one I’ve had. Sometimes my device stays connected via a different app or device especially when I’m dual recording so I need to remember to disconnect the BLE signal from other things. I do this either by shutting off the other devices or by closing any apps that could still be using it

I had some weirdness also. I used the same ANT+ setup I’ve used for the past few years with Zwift and Trainner road without issue, but in SYSTM had power dropouts (in the data viewed in STRAVA but not in the data viewed in SYSTM) and slow response to power changes in ERG mode. I tried using a USB extension to get the ANT+ dongle within a foot of the trainer but still had problems. Switching the trainer connection to bluetooth seems to have solved the dropout problem and somewhat improved the speed of response to power changes. HR and cadence are still on ANT+ and have never had dropouts.