Powertap P2 pedals as a power source

I have recently managed to get a good pair of S/H Powertap P2 pedals at a good price (probably as they are no longer made) for my TT bike next year. I want to use them test the accuracy of my Direto trainer but from what I read on here there are a few issues. The main one being that the power only comes from one pedal therefore the display will only show half the power which would affect everything if I chose to use them permanently. I use a laptop for my training which has Bluetooth but I would like to see the power from the trainer and the pedals at the same time. Can this be done? I have an Android phone so can I set this up to get the power from the trainer and use the laptop to get the power from the pedals?? Also, will the SYSTM app still take the power from the trainer for the power targets in the workouts?? thanks


Yes, you’ll only get 1/2 power in the app. Also note that in the app, power and control can be paired independently. However, doing that causes other issues, so it’s not recommended.

This is probably your best option. I believe Powertap has an app you can use for reading the power from their pedals. You could also try reading the pedals from your head-unit.

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There are a couple of solutions to get the power from the pedals; get an ant+ usb dongle as the one sided reading is only an issue with Bluetooth, the other solution is the 4iiii viva heart rate monitor which you can pair the pedals too, the the heart rate monitor sends the heart rate, cadence and power data in one Bluetooth stream to your device. SYSTM does power match, but if you use the P2 pedals for power, you can visually get an idea of any discrepancy between the Direto and P2’s by comparing the displayed power value to the power target.

I had a set of P1 for a while and they were great but having the bearings changed was a pain and expensive. Not sure if those issues were resolved on the P2.

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