Using Android Bluetooth and dual sided power pedals... Fail

I have an issue using Android and Bluetooth when trying to pair both my left and right Powertap (SRAM) pedals. The minions tell me that I can only pair one of the pedals, either left or right, for wattage which leaves me with half of the correct wattage being displayed and used for TSS, IF, etc…

I’m sure that if I had only a single sided pedal solution that I could use SYSTM on my Android devices.

Do any of my fellow SYSTM uses that have dual sided power pedals have a solution to this other than my PC and ANT+ solution I’ve been using for the past decade or so?

I’d even welcome an ANT+ on my Android devices if that could be made to work. I’ve installed the ANT+ Radio Service and another ANT+ app (I’ve forgotten which) that an article pointed me to but that was, as kids these days say… Epic fail. Perhaps I’m to inept to make that work eh?

IDK, but In the past I’ve used ANT+ natively with my Samsung Galaxy phones. Check this list to see if your Android device supports ANT+.

I posted this on the other thread too, but essentially it’s a powertap problem not Suf/SYSTM but there is a workaround.

The problem with the Powertap pedals is that on blue tooth each pedal transmits power independently and needs the head unit to combine the data. The left pedal combines the data from both pedals and sends this via ant+. Almost no head units or software will combine the power readings from the right and left pedals, as far as I know. If you really want to use the android system, look up the 4iiii heart rate monitor, as this can act as a bridge to take the ant+ signal from your pedals and transmit it over Bluetooth. I did this a few years ago on Zwift when I had a set of P1’s and it worked well.


This is the heart rate monitor

Indeed. I have two other manufacturer’s dual-sided pedals and both connect, through BT, via the left pedal so as a single entry.

Yeah I moved on to Assioma, as the bearings were a problem for me with the Powertaps.

Sorry, OP, for hijacking your post, but…

Yeah, I’ve got a set of those too, converted to SPD as there weren’t other options for that at the time and they are absolutely great, love them.

Thanks much! Is there anything I should be aware of in the setup of SYSTM or will SYSTM magically see the ANT+ signal for power and HR? For me, if it’s not plug and pray, then it’s a challenge To say there least.

The Android application does not support ANT+. Neither does the iOS from what I remember. That’s because the Operating System does not support the protocol natively. If your Samsung devices natively support ANT+, please post the model #.

It’s been while but you use an android or iOS app to pair the 4iiii heart rate monitor with your P1. You then pair your 4iiii with SYSTM over Bluetooth and that should include heart rate and power data. I’ve attached the link to the instruction manual for you to have a look at. I’ve never used it with SYSTM but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You could always ask the minions in case they’ve had feed back from others on it working or not. Note that if you are using a smart trainer, this won’t be a power match feature. The trainers own power meter will dictate the power, it’s just the power reading from your P1 that will be recorded.

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Thanks. The HR monitor has been ordered and should be here on the 11th; hopefully I’ll get to test it before leaving for 3 weeks. Sure would be nice to bin the PC

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According to the link posted my Samsung S9, model SM-G960U1, supports ANT+ but it’s a mystery to me how to make SYSTM work with it. I have an adapter that I can plug into type-c port and plug the ANT+ dongle I use for the PC into that but SYSTM only shows BLE connections.
I’ve also aattempted installing the ANT+ Radio Service and the ANT+ Plugins Service on the phone as well in hopes to make it work however that failed just as I did the 4th grade back in 1969. Plug and pray it certainly is.

Sorry but you can’t. Only the desktop apps support ANT+. My understanding is that this decision was made because the number of Android devices, of the minimum supported OS version, that support ANT+ was limited. Technically they could do it but I can’t see it ever happening, ANT+ is very much in decline for Android devices (and long “dead” for iOS).

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Yep. Last time I used ANT+ with an Android phone was some time ago (maybe an Galaxy S3 or S5), and I don’t remember which app(s) it was.

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I actually use ANT+ all the time with my Android phone - when I’m riding outdoors. My speed, cadence and HR monitors are all ANT+ only and my phone is my “bike computer”. The monitor on my Wattbike is also ANT+ only so I’m very much in that camp, no blue teeth in my play cave. Well not unless it’s really cold anyway. But then I’ve been a Windows user for indoor bike workouts since the year dot.

Good stuff. It’s been a while since I used it, but if need any help just shout.

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Much appreciated!

Top man!

That sorted it. I owe you a pint or two.

Much appreciated.