Praise: Fantastic first experience with SYSTM

I wanted to give praise to the SYSTM transition. I used The Sufferfest for a brief period last winter as I was experimenting with different indoor riding apps. I spent much of the summer (North America) riding outdoors and am just getting back into indoor riding.

The new SYSTM app is very well put together. I am impressed! I have been following the forums and I admit that I was hesitant about the transition to the new app. I wholly embraced the idea of Sufferlandria, Gunter, Lazer Goats, etc. I was worried that the SYSTM transition would weaken The Sufferfest.

The Sufferfest was the only app that I found that did both structured workouts while having interesting rides. It felt like you really had a virtual coach.

SYSTM has taken The Sufferfest and built upon its foundation. It feels even more like you have a virtual coach. Additionally, the app is very responsive, found my devices immediately (faster than any other indoor training app), and seems rock solid. I look forward to exploring all it has to offer. Just wanted to say ‘Thanks’!


We are so excited to have you in SYSTM with us @tunatornado! Thank you :slight_smile:


Completely agree. I found The Sufferfest last year and have used it religiously. The combination of strength, yoga, and cycling is all I need + the running and mental strength additions are the icing and my cake and now that Wahoo has evolved Sufferfest into SYSTM, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

As a loyal Sufferlandrian, it’s nice to see I can still suffer in my homeland while reaping the rewards of being a Wahooligan.