Wahoo Wednesdays | Share your feedback with the SYSTM team | November 10th 2021

Howdy folks :wave:

Welcome to the second third in a series of weekly feedback threads. Reply with a comment below to discuss Wahoo SYSTM… how to make it better… what you want more/less of… you name it…

I can’t say we’ll deliver everything you’re asking for within the timelines you hope for, but everything that’s valuable-viable-feasible-useable will be considered.

If you have a customer support issue, please don’t post here. Make sure to start a ticket with the Minions here.

Here are the rules:

  • Post your constructive feedback and/or criticism and/or discuss the comments posted by others in the thread
  • Be respectful at all times

Thanks! :volcano:

Link to the previous week’s thread


Systm works well on android for cycling workouts, but it would be nice to be able to control my headwind from within the app. As a workaround, I am able to control the fan from the Wahoo app.

As for the strength conditioning sessions, I’m sure you are aware of the frequent lost connections to the server. An eleven minute session lasts much longer due to restarts.

Would love to see some Concept2/rower sessions become available!


Not directly related to the app but to the release and update process. You already have a page with releasenotes but once again it‘s not up to date. Please include the release notes in the app stores instead of the generic marketing phrases, update your release page and add a proper updater to the desktop apps, i. e. asking before updating in the background and telling the user what has changed.


If you click Channel > Sufferfest the filter and sort options are different than when you click Cycling and select Sufferfest (I just figured out the first method so I’m happy but it seems inconsistent)


yes! +1 for rowing sessions.
Seeing the quality of the cycling sessions, I’d be happy to pay for a rowing add-on, especially when they can be integrated.


I just started an all purpose training plan on Monday and I included yoga. I picked beginner because I don’t feel confident in my Yoga skills. The first workout that was on my plan was Mobilize and Activate I. Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed really fast paced and no real explanation of the positions or form. By the time I got in the position and looked up to check if I was doing it right she was already moving on to something else. It was a bit frustrating. I finished the video “checked the box” but it didn’t feel like I got much from it.

So I guess the feedback is please make sure the beginner yoga is truly beginner/newbie friendly. My goal with the yoga is to stretch, relax and help undo the tightness from sitting in the office, riding, and weight training. Maybe my goals don’t align with the yoga in SYSTM, or maybe it will get better as I move through more sessions.


@hkovacs14 I had (and continue to have with new poses) the same experience with yoga. However, I find it usually only takes a few sessions of practice to learn a move if I stop and rewind and sometimes just watch the video while sitting still. I also repeat sessions I’ve done before—sometimes adding them to the plan and sometimes substituting (depending on time constraints). After just a few weeks, I’m finding it much easier to keep up—even if most of my poses are just mangled imitations of Abi.

I think the beginner sessions are more about the physical demands of the poses than about being slow. Given that everyone has different stuck points, I suspect that the stop/rewind method is probably a better way to learn than a whole new set of videos that you’d still have to stop and rewind when you get to your personal stuck points.


@hkovacs14 Totally agree with @AkaPete after a few sessions you’ll start to get the hang of it and watching the same video can be very rewarding as Yoga is all about doing the pose correctly even now after doing yoga on SYSTM and The Sufferfest since they started there’s quite a few poses I have problems with but you try and each time time you come to the same session again you try to do the pose a little longer and what you’ll find is over time your body finds it easier to get into those poses and you find it easier to do them for longer. It might take days/weeks even 6 - 12 months of trying over and over but you’ll feel better after those 12 months than getting to say Week 3 saying this isn’t for me and giving up.

  • Would like to see a link to training outside and SYSTM. Be able to send session to my
    Wahoo Roam.

  • Would like to see a referral program that would qualify for rewards.

  • Would like to see my user name cached in the login to SYSTM so I don’t have to
    enter it every time.

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umm, third :wink:


Would very much like to import rides (from ridewithgps for example) into SYSTM and use that for a virtual ride. I know I can do that with the ELEMNT but I’m looking for a larger view of the map so I can see where I am on a course/map.

Bkool has something similar but is limited to 100km. I’d like to do practices of upcoming centuries for example.

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You know, minions and counting :grinning:


Some improvements to the calendar view:

  • Add drag-and-drop rescheduling
  • Provide a preview of the workout (this is how it previously worked in Sufferfest) when you click on it, instead of redirecting to a new page. This is really critical for new users who just generated a plan because I don’t have any clue what sessions are hard and which are easy. To figure this out requires a whole lotta clicking and backtracking.
  • Provide TSS/IF on the calendar card

Some positive feedback: did 10 sessions yesterday and not once did I see a streaming issue (Android, Belgium)


I know other people have suggested this too but after doing Ian Boswells Activation I don’t see any reason why The Foam Roller couldn’t be used as a stand alone workout or added to Yoga or Strength sessions as Ian has shown in his workout it can be done


Here are a few observations as a new cycling user of SYSTM:

  • The name of the app does not make sense at all. It’s too broad, lacks identity, character and meaning. Let alone that search engines take the term as a spelling mistake. Re-branding it would be a good way to address such issues.

  • As new user, the app on windows is stable but my bluetooth connectivity was lost a couple of times in the past. No big deal really, but maybe something to look into if it happens to others as well depending on the frequency, etc.

  • It would be very useful if a dashboard feature could be developed in the app. The dashboard would show a summary of workouts over time, type of workouts, total # of KM, etc. And maybe a benchmark indicator based on anonymized data from other users (Example: you’ve been cycling 20% more than an average user in the system or something along those lines).

  • I love the funny on-screen instructions during workouts. Really cool!


Plus one.


:point_up:t2:me 2

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A bug I noticed after my KoS. The 3 first sessions got uploaded to Garmin connect but all the others after that did not (I did receive a mail that the upload didn’t work, kudos for that)

After I got showered, I tried resharing (like stated in the mail) and that worked for 1 workout but then stopped working again.

I think there are some restrictions in place there.

Eventually I just downloaded the .fit files and uploaded these to Garmin Connect. So all is fine, but it is a bug worth looking into.


Hey ya’ll…starting working through a bunch of different workouts in the SYSTM library…I gotta tell ya they are kicking my butt!!!, in a great way…did the aerobic capacity workout on GCN a couple of nights ago…an hour of pure pain…something I would never do on my own, it was an amazing workout…so far I only have one comment/feedback …the music…wondering how it might be possible to input our own tracks/playlists??..thanks for the suffering!!!