Membership Renewal Discount - Unavailable in UK?

As an existing member (expiring March 2023) I received the email offering the extension for the current price of $129.

Only trouble is, being in the UK, I can only purchase this option via the US site and the US site checkout doesn’t allow me to add a UK billing address for my credit card in payment options.

I really want to take advantage of the offer, but don’t seem to be able to, unless I have missed something?


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Log into the Wahoo UK store, its £119 for us

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Login, add the subscription to your basket, check out, pay, you’ll get an e-mail with a code which you can then add as a promo code in “manage account” which you can get to from your profile in the app.


As one of the original Sufferfest customers, ordering the downloads via email and getting a back up copy DVD in the mail, or as some call it, post, I am not really all that happy with this price increase, especially during these economic times we are all experiencing. I do understand worker’s rights and the need for better wages, etc. and whatever else went in to this new rendition of Wahoo/Sufferfest, and all the accompanying aspects that go along with it. Raising prices at this time is not all too cool for some who are really struggling. And they just raised it last year or the year before. Will figure out how to save my account and dial in at the lowered offered price before the deadline. Just sayin…

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Strange. I renewed in USD on last week (upgraded from monthly to annual). I ended up getting charged ~£116 (including the Non-Sterling Transaction Fee).

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